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Comfy and Cosy


Wind down in the evening as you lounge in style with our collection of plush, comfy, and cozy dressing gowns.

Long Button GownLong Button Gown
Long Button Gown Sale price$84.95
Leopard Print Zip RobeLeopard Print Zip Robe
Sold outRoyal Long Button GownRoyal Long Button Gown
Navy Mid Button GownNavy Mid Button Gown
Navy Mid Button Gown Sale price$79.95
Dusty Pink Mid Button GownDusty Pink Mid Button Gown
Blue Short Button GownBlue Short Button Gown
Banksia Wrap Long Sleeve RobeBanksia Wrap Long Sleeve Robe
Violet Long Button Dressing GownViolet Long Button Dressing Gown
Satin Trim RobeSatin Trim Robe
Satin Trim Robe Sale price$99.95
Long Zip CaftanLong Zip Caftan
Long Zip Caftan Sale price$89.95
Mid Wrap GownMid Wrap Gown
Mid Wrap Gown Sale price$99.95
Scarlett KimonoScarlett Kimono
Kara Mid GownKara Mid Gown
Kara Mid Gown Sale price$109.95
Cotton Plush Robe
Fluffy RobeFluffy Robe
Fluffy Robe Sale price$79.00
Mid Button GownMid Button Gown
Mid Button Gown Sale price$89.95
Voile Robe
Voile Robe Sale price$99.00
Fleur RobeFleur Robe
Fleur Robe Sale price$89.95
Leopard Lace RobeLeopard Lace Robe
Leopard Lace Robe Sale price$120.00
Sold outShort Button GownShort Button Gown
Short Button Gown Sale price$74.95
Shelby RobeShelby Robe
Shelby Robe Sale price$84.95
Satin RobeSatin Robe
Satin Robe Sale price$99.00
Cotton Spot RobeLove & Lustre Cotton Spot Robe - Dressing Gown  Available at Illusions Lingerie

Women's Dressing Gowns

At Illusions Lingerie, we believe you're never fully dressed without a lady's dressing gown, housecoat or lounge robe. Whether your dressing gown is embroidered with flowers, lace, or satin - you're bound to find a dressing gown for women that you'll love. Our dressing gowns are available for purchase online or in-store, so you can shop wherever or whenever suits you!

On a cool night, nothing beats the feeling of wrapping yourself in a plush dressing gown to keep the chill at bay. Our winter dressing gowns are the perfect blend of comfort and style, and a testament to our commitment to providing high-quality sleepwear. Each item in our range at Illusions Lingerie has been designed with thicker materials for extra warmth, ensuring that even the coldest Aussie nights are comfortable. Keep browsing online for sleepwear to match or come view our range of women's dressing gowns at our Melbourne store today!