Discover our range of Illusions Lingerie suspenders and pick some of the best products to accentuate feminine sensuality. This fabulous fashion accessory matches our thong collection perfectly, and it comes from all your favourite brands – Freya, Dita Von Teese, and Fine Lines.

      Suspenders are intimate pieces that look fantastic on all women. You just have to choose the proper design to fit your body shape. Fortunately, Illusions Lingerie professionals are here to give you the best fitting advice, whether in our brick-and-mortar store or online.

      Look for our wider garters to match your curvy figure, but opt for narrow models if you want them to work great for every outfit. Whether you’re wearing thongs, Brazilians, lace panties, or any of the latest patterns, you (and your partner) will be knocked off your feet once you combine sexy panties with our spectacular suspenders.

      Our suspender designs are created from the best lace embellished with collection details and up to six garters for enhanced function and stability. To make the most of your seductive feminine side, check out our leopard print suspender on stretch satin. We’re equally excited for you to discover our suspender models with fronts that sit high on the waist to enhance your curvy figure to perfection.

      There’s no doubt about it – our wonderful suspender collection is a must for all lingerie lovers.

      Always feel sensual and feminine, regardless of the season. If you live in the Melbourne area, feel free to visit us in our physical store and try the suspenders on-site. If not, you can always reach us via email, phone, or social media and ask for professional fitting advice from our dedicated staff. Online or in person, we’re always glad to help our beloved customers bring out the best of their bodies with our products.

      In line with our lingerie collections, our suspenders look stunning when paired with matching briefs and a bra. There’s no better way to accentuate your waist in an elegant and chic way than with this timeless lingerie straight from our online shop.

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