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Your Best Night's Sleep

Women's Sleepwear

Experience the blissful serenity of our women's sleepwear and wake up refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to conquer the day.

Harriet Short NightieHarriet Short Nightie
Harriet Short Nightie Sale price$69.96
Carina Mid NightieCarina Mid Nightie
Carina Mid Nightie Sale price$74.95
Peony Collar NightiePeony Collar Nightie
Peony Collar Nightie Sale price$79.95
Paisley Mandarin NightiePaisley Mandarin Nightie
Paisley Mandarin Nightie Sale price$94.95
Dahlia Sleep DressDahlia Sleep Dress
Dahlia Sleep Dress Sale price$94.95
Long Button GownLong Button Gown
Long Button Gown Sale price$84.95
Leopard Print Zip RobeLeopard Print Zip Robe
Arabian Short NightieArabian Short Nightie
Arabian Short Nightie Sale price$84.95
Sold outRoyal Long Button GownRoyal Long Button Gown
Navy Mid Button GownNavy Mid Button Gown
Navy Mid Button Gown Sale price$79.95
Dusty Pink Mid Button GownDusty Pink Mid Button Gown
Blue Short Button GownBlue Short Button Gown
Rose NightieRose Nightie
Rose Nightie Sale price$79.95
Banksia Wrap Long Sleeve RobeBanksia Wrap Long Sleeve Robe
Peony 3/4 Sleeve Nightie
Daisy NightieDaisy Nightie
Daisy Nightie Sale price$79.95
Geo Pleated NightieGeo Pleated Nightie
Geo Pleated Nightie Sale price$79.95
Blossom Ruffle NightieBlossom Ruffle Nightie
Vanessa Long PyjamaVanessa Long Pyjama
Vanessa Long Pyjama Sale price$89.95
Tiana Mid NightieTiana Mid Nightie
Tiana Mid Nightie Sale price$79.95
Tiana Collared Mid NightieTiana Collared Mid Nightie
Violet Long Button Dressing GownViolet Long Button Dressing Gown
Satin Trim RobeSatin Trim Robe
Satin Trim Robe Sale price$99.95
Tulip Yoke NightieTulip Yoke Nightie
Tulip Yoke Nightie Sale price$74.95
Confetti Ruffle NightieConfetti Ruffle Nightie
Confetti Crochet NightieConfetti Crochet Nightie
Sateen Pleated NightieSateen Pleated Nightie
Sold outLeopard Ruffle NightieLeopard Ruffle Nightie
Sateen Collared NightieSateen Collared Nightie
Flannelette Ski PJ SetFlannelette Ski PJ Set
Isabel Ruffle PJ SetIsabel Ruffle PJ Set
Isabel Ruffle PJ Set Sale price$84.95
Triobal Long Sleeve NightieTriobal Long Sleeve Nightie
Spot Collared NightieSpot Collared Nightie
Isabel Collared NightieIsabel Collared Nightie
Long Zip CaftanLong Zip Caftan
Long Zip Caftan Sale price$89.95
Wynter Black Short ChemiseWynter Black Short Chemise

Women's Sleepwear – Plus Size, Full-Figured Womens Lingerie Online

It’s time for superior comfort at Illusions Lingerie. Our vast assortment of women’s sleepwear consists of various styles, ranging from cosy pyjamas to elegant robes. There’s also a stunning array of colours, including neutral shades that can serve as loungewear to vibrant patterns that jazz up your night clothing.

Here at Illusions Lingerie, we believe comfort matters most, and our portfolio of silky-smooth nightwear and pyjama sets will turn your nocturnal hours into an amazing, soothing experience.