Mastectomy Range


      Here at Illusions Lingerie, we are incredibly proud of our mastectomy range collection of post-surgical garments and bras to help women with their surgery recovery. We know how hard it can be to find a mastectomy bra that fits. Our range of bras and breast forms are both elegant and comfortable.

      Our Mastectomy bras come from the world’s most renowned industry names – Trulife and Anita. All of our mastectomy bra lines (Tonya, Selma, and Safina, and more) bring out the best of post-surgery bra solutions with a smooth design and padded straps, as well as soft-moulded cups. Just like with most of the regular bras from our collection, you won’t have to worry about skin irritations and itching due to the latex-free, moisture-wicking fabric.

      You can wear our bras with almost any outfit – T-shirts, dressers, blouses, you name it. Even wearing tight garments won’t be an issue – the support is always there, and it’s ultra-discreet.

      As for our collection of breast forms, they come in different shapes. Their lightweight design is made to fit the natural shape of a breast. Most of our products are available in sizes from 1 to 14. You can wear our breast forms with both underwire or soft cup bras, knowing they will stay in place as you perform your usual daily activities.

      Our breast forms are unique in many of their characteristics. Starting with advanced cooling effect forms that draw excess heat away to ultra-lightweight designs (up to 40% lighter than elsewhere), we make sure every aspect of our mastectomy products provide optimal support.

      If you live far from our Melbourne store, we offer professional mastectomy fitting services for all our products. Our friendly staff is always ready to help by letting you know which size would fit you best or how to insert breast forms smoothly. Plus, for all orders over $150, we offer free shipping.

      There’s no better place to purchase plus-size mastectomy bras than with Illusions Lingerie. Feel free to visit our online shop or reach out to us for any questions regarding the choice of mastectomy bras or breast forms. We care about your comfort, and we’re dedicated to highlighting that throughout your customer journey.