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Article: Geneva - The Most Stimulating Bodysuit

Bracli bodysuit

Geneva - The Most Stimulating Bodysuit

Ah, dear lingerie enthusiasts, you've been absolutely ravenous for our latest selection of tantalising BRACLI lingerie, and we can't blame you one bit! The response was so overwhelming that we found ourselves swept clean of stock within the blink of an eye. But fret not! We've replenished our shelves with a fresh delivery, and nestled among the treasures lies another jewel in the crown of seduction—the Geneva Bodysuit. Crafted to captivate and enthral from the very first glance to the crescendo of ecstasy, this piece promises an odyssey of sensual delights.

Let's embark on an exploration of the exotic allure woven into every fibre of this bodysuit, from its sumptuous lace to the provocative pearls that promise to awaken every nerve ending to a symphony of pleasure.


Meet the Geneva Bodysuit

Geneva Bodysuit different angles 

The Geneva Bodysuit is the latest entrant to our range of our BRACLI collection. Much like its infamous pearl thong counterpart, this bodysuit carries forth the brand's legacy of not just adorning, but electrifying the wearer with every delicate bead. A luscious lace ensemble that envelopes your form like a whispered promise, each thread a caress against your skin. But oh, there's so much more to this garment than meets the eye…

Untie the dainty bow that graces the back, and you unlock a realm of possibilities. Here lies the secret: those tantalising pearls, meticulously placed to tease and tantalise the senses has an extra benefit. With a mere flick of a finger, you can transition this bodysuit from a sensual massage to a crescendo of ecstasy that knows no bounds. 

Experience the electrifying sensation as you insert the cluster of Manacore beads. One by one, using your fingers, feel the exquisite pressure building within you. But why stop there? Take a bold step further by adorning yourself with this tantalising piece for your partner's delight. Surrender to the dance of desire as they explore your every curve with their fingers or their member igniting flames of passion that defy description - that’s stimulating for everyone. 

Check out BRACLI’s video below:


BRACLI & G ENG from BRACLI on Vimeo.

Wrapped in Luxury 

BRACLI packaging

Wrapped in a luxurious box, the Geneva Bodysuit (as well as all of BRACLI’s other pieces) arrives as a gift waiting to be unwrapped. Its allure knows no bounds, with sizing options ranging from small to plus size, ensuring that every body type can indulge in its embrace. Perfect as a gift for a beloved partner or a treasured indulgence for oneself.

Can you resist such temptation of this sexy lingerie or will you succumb to the allure of the Geneva Bodysuit and lose yourself in a world where pleasure knows no limits? 


 Woman on knees in black Bracli bodysuit

While we're confident that the Geneva Bodysuit will ignite the flames of passion and leave you yearning for more, we need to inform you that we are unable to offer exchanges for hygiene reasons. However, we invite you to indulge in the sensory experience by trying on this exquisite piece (over briefs) in our Melbourne lingerie store. Let the allure of the Geneva Bodysuit transport you to a realm of pleasure, where every touch is a moment of ecstasy.

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