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Sports & Mastectomy Bras

Anita Breastcare

Anita mastectomy bras, sports bras, and front closure designs provide unparalleled comfort and convenience, empowering you to feel confident and embrace an active lifestyle.

Air Control DeltapadAir Control Deltapad
Air Control Deltapad Sale price$138.00
Ancona Sale price$144.95
ClaraAnita Clara - Wirefree Bra  Available at Illusions Lingerie
Clara Sale price$119.95
Clara Comfort BraClara Comfort Bra
Clara Comfort Bra Sale price$119.95
Anita Clara Comfort Corselet 3459.007 - Shapewear Skin / 16D  Available at Illusions LingerieAnita Clara Comfort Corselet - Shapewear  Available at Illusions Lingerie
Clara Comfort Corselet Sale price$194.95
Extreme ControlAnita Sports Bra Extreme Control from Illusions Lingerie in Melbourne
Extreme Control Sale price$130.00
Fleur Sale price$110.00
Fleur Underwire BraFleur Underwire Bra
Fleur Underwire Bra Sale price$129.95
Lisa Mastectomy BraLisa Mastectomy Bra
Lisa Mastectomy Bra Sale price$144.00
Lynn Sale price$89.95
MomentumAnita Sports Bra Momentum from Illusions Lingerie in Melbourne
Momentum Sale price$135.00
Performance WireXPerformance WireX
Performance WireX Sale price$169.95
Pure Fresh Swim Prosthesis
Anita Safina 5349X - Wirefree Bra Mellow Rose / 14C  Available at Illusions LingerieAnita Safina - Wirefree Bra  Available at Illusions Lingerie
Safina Sale price$124.95
Salvia Front ClosureSalvia Front Closure
Salvia Front Closure Sale price$159.95
Anita Bra 14E / Rose Wood Selma from Illusions Lingerie in MelbourneAnita Bra Selma from Illusions Lingerie in Melbourne
Selma Sale price$159.95
Selma High WaistSelma High Waist
Selma High Waist Sale price$59.95
Anita Tonya 5706 - Wirefree Bra Haut / 14B  Available at Illusions LingerieAnita Tonya - Wirefree Bra  Available at Illusions Lingerie
Tonya Sale price$110.00
Tonya FlairAnita Tonya Flair - Wirefree Bra  Available at Illusions Lingerie
Tonya Flair Sale price$110.00
Save 50%TwinTwin
Twin Sale priceFrom $67.50 Regular price$134.95
Twin FirmTwin Firm
Twin Firm Sale price$129.95
Velvety Lightweight
Velvety Lightweight Sale price$400.00
Velvety SoftLite
Velvety SoftLite Sale price$400.00

Comfort And Support For Every Woman: Our Range Of Anita Mastectomy And Sports Bras In Australia

At our online lingerie store, we are proud to be a reseller of the highly-regarded and reliable Anita Care brand. We understand the importance of providing women who have undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy to feel comfortable in supportive bras, and that's why we offer a wide range of Anita Care mastectomy bras.

The Anita mastectomy bras are designed with the specific needs of women who have undergone breast surgery in mind. Featuring soft cups and gentle, non-irritating fabrics that feel comfortable against sensitive skin. Our selection of bras also have pockets to hold breast prostheses securely in place, providing women with the confidence and comfort they need to get on with their day-to-day lives.

Our range of sports bras are also specially designed for women who have undergone breast surgery. They offer the support and compression needed during low to high impact physical activity, while also providing gentle support for the breast area. With Anita Care sports bras, women can enjoy a range of activities, from gentle yoga to more intense workouts, without worrying about discomfort or movement of their prostheses.

We understand that shopping for mastectomy bras and sports bras can be a challenging experience. That's why our expert team of bra fitters are always ready to help. We can provide you with advice on sizing, fit, and style, ensuring that you find the perfect bra for your needs.

Whether you're looking for a mastectomy bra for everyday wear or a sports bra for your active lifestyle, we have a wide range of Anita Care bras for you to choose from. Browse our selection today and find the perfect bra to suit your needs with free shipping Australia wide on orders over $150 and free local pickup at our Melbourne store.

If you’re still in need for assistance, feel free to stop by our store for a free mastectomy fitting, no booking required!