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Post-Surgery Care


Get back to your daily routine as soon as possible with the help of Exquisite Bodies post surgery compression garments and silicone scar treatments.

Post Surgery Care By Exquisite Bodies

Exquisite Bodies is a reputable company that offers a wide range of post-surgery compression garments and scar management products designed to help you achieve the best possible recovery after surgery. One of their key areas of focus of scar management is utilising silicone technology.

Silicone is an effective material for treating scars as it creates a healing environment and helps the skin to heal faster. Exquisite Bodies offers a variety of silicone shapes that are specially designed to suit different types of surgeries, particularly breast surgeries. The silicone shapes come in different sizes and shapes to provide optimal coverage and ensure maximum effectiveness.

Exquisite Bodies also provides silicone tape which is a perfect solution for treating small scars, cuts and wounds. The silicone tape is flexible, comfortable to wear and can be easily cut to size. Additionally, the brand also provides easy applicators in the form of sticks, and ointment. These applicators are designed to help you apply the products evenly and comfortably, even in hard-to-reach areas.