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Traditional Prints

Givoni Sleepwear

Embrace the serenity of restful nights and mornings filled with tranquility with Givoni Sleepwear, where comfort and style intertwine.

Givoni Alexis Button Brunch Coat 2AF03A - Brunch Coats Blue / Pink / 10 / S  Available at Illusions LingerieGivoni Alexis Button Brunch Coat - Brunch Coats  Available at Illusions Lingerie
Allie NavyAllie Navy
Allie Navy Sale price$69.95
Arabian Short NightieArabian Short Nightie
Arabian Short Nightie Sale price$84.95
Blair Short NightieBlair Short Nightie
Blair Short Nightie Sale price$79.95
Blue Short Button GownBlue Short Button Gown
Brynn Brunch CoatBrynn Brunch Coat
Brynn Brunch Coat Sale price$74.95
Brynn Short Sleeveless NightieBrynn Short Sleeveless Nightie
Button Up BrunchcoatButton Up Brunchcoat
Button Up Brunchcoat Sale price$94.95
Callie BrunchcoatCallie Brunchcoat
Callie Brunchcoat Sale price$74.95
Callie Cap Sleeve Mid NightieCallie Cap Sleeve Mid Nightie
Carina Mid NightieCarina Mid Nightie
Carina Mid Nightie Sale price$74.95
Chelsea Short NightieChelsea Short Nightie
Chelsea Short Nightie Sale price$89.95
Delta Short Sleeve Short NightieDelta Short Sleeve Short Nightie
Dusty Pink Mid Button GownDusty Pink Mid Button Gown
Elle Mid NightieElle Mid Nightie
Elle Mid Nightie Sale price$74.95
Emelia Short NightieEmelia Short Nightie
Emelia Short Nightie Sale price$69.95
Felicity Sleeveless Short NightieFelicity Sleeveless Short Nightie
Fern Short NightieFern Short Nightie
Fern Short Nightie Sale price$84.95
Fern Sleeveless Short NightieFern Sleeveless Short Nightie
Florentine Capri PyjamaFlorentine Capri Pyjama
Georgia Mid NightieGeorgia Mid Nightie
Georgia Mid Nightie Sale price$69.95
Georgia Short Sleeveless NightieGeorgia Short Sleeveless Nightie
Gigi Long Pyjama SetGigi Long Pyjama Set
Gigi Long Pyjama Set Sale price$89.95
Sold outGigi Mid NightieGigi Mid Nightie
Gigi Mid Nightie Sale price$79.95
Harriet Short NightieHarriet Short Nightie
Harriet Short Nightie Sale price$69.96
Hayley Short Sleeveless NightieHayley Short Sleeveless Nightie
Kara Mid GownKara Mid Gown
Kara Mid Gown Sale price$109.95
Kara Short NightieKara Short Nightie
Kara Short Nightie Sale price$69.95
Kate Sleeveless NightieKate Sleeveless Nightie
Kelsey Mid Length NightieKelsey Mid Length Nightie
Lexi BrunchcoatLexi Brunchcoat
Lexi Brunchcoat Sale price$74.95
Lexi Cap Sleeve NightieLexi Cap Sleeve Nightie
Lexi Sleeveless NightieLexi Sleeveless Nightie
Long PyjamaLong Pyjama
Long Pyjama Sale price$99.95
Long Zip CaftanLong Zip Caftan
Long Zip Caftan Sale price$89.95
Maggie Short NightieMaggie Short Nightie
Maggie Short Nightie Sale price$69.95

Givoni Sleepwear: Stylish Women's Dressing Gowns In Melbourne

Looking for some stylish yet comfy sleepwear? Look no further than the Givoni Sleepwear range available at Illusions Lingerie Melbourne. Givoni is a well-known fashion label of sleepwear for women that take pride in their traditional styles, colours and patterns.

One thing you'll definitely love about the Givoni range is their variety of nightie styles. They've got short sleeve, sleeveless, and long sleeve nighties that come in all kinds of prints and patterns. Most of their women's nighties also come with a matching brunch coat of the same stylish colour or print, which is perfect for when it's a bit chilly but you still want to move around comfortably. Aside from women’s nighties, Illusions Lingerie also stocks a gorgeous range of Givoni dressing gowns. These dressing gowns are not only stylish but also have feminine additions that will make you feel like a queen! You can wear them while lounging at home or while doing your bedtime routine to add a touch of luxury to your life.

If you're looking for some high-quality and fashionable sleepwear, you'll definitely find it in the Givoni range at Illusions Lingerie. The collection of Givoni sleepwear is not only comfortable and durable but also stylish and trendy. Don't hesitate to visit us in store and check out the amazing range of sleepwear available.