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Article: Hosiery - The Complete Guide

Woman wearing Pantyhose, stockings and knee highs

Hosiery - The Complete Guide

It’s the busy season now so what better time to get familiar and pick up some new hosiery for next weeks wedding, those work functions, spring racing or your maybe sisters birthday party. We’re going to go through the different types of hosiery, the toe types associated and how thick (denier) the garment is - plus a few tips from the professionals! Let’s get right into it!

Types of hosiery

Three types of hosiery. Pantyhose, stockings and knee highsWhen choosing between different types of hosiery, you can decide between Pantyhose, Stocking & Stay-ups or Knee Highs. Each are great for different occasions depending on the outfit you’re wearing.


Pantyhose are often the most comfortable and offer the most coverage. These are great for all over smoothing can even assist with some tummy control. Ideal to be worn with a dress that shows off your legs as they can give you the illusion of a bit of a tan, some warmth and to give your legs an even skin tone.

Stockings & Stay-ups

Perfect for daily wear, stockings are comfortable and sit at the top of the thigh held up by a suspender belt. More sexy than your pantyhose, these items are the best date night choice. Stay-ups on the other hand have a silicone band around the top of the leg to “stay-up” without the need for a suspender.

Knee Highs

Great for the office, you can think of knee highs as sheer thin socks that extend up to the knee. Excellent for use under work pants and to even out your skin tone on your feet.

What is Denier?

Denier in hosiery refers to the thickness of the fabric which in turn reflects the durability, warmth and transparency. Hosiery with a low denier are finer, more fragile and show more of skin. When wearing hosiery with a lower denier, it is important to be extra careful taking them on and off as well as avoiding any abrasions as these garments are easily ripped or pulled. With a higher denier you will notice more durability and warmth as well as a more opaque appearance of course.

Tip: Clip and file your toe nails prior to putting on hosiery to avoid snagging.

Image Guide

Chart of different hosiery denier shades

Source: Estylingerie

Toe Types

Different types of hosiery toe stylesDepending on the type of shoes you’re wearing with your outfit, you can choose between different types of toe coverage; toeless, sheer toe, and reinforced toe.


Perfect for open toe shoes and to show off your new pedicure.

Sheer Toe

A sheer toe is your standard toe coverage with the hosiery fabric covering your toes. It’s good practice to ensure your nails are clipped and filed so they don’t tear the fabric.

Reinforced Toe

A reinforced toe can prevent rips and pulls caused by sharp toe nails.



Can I be fitted for hosiery in Melbourne?

You're more than welcome to come into our Melbourne lingerie store or view our range of hosiery online. While you can't try on the hosiery, our staff will be able to provide you their best recommendation of what will work for you.

What are opaques?

As the name suggests, opaques are opaque (you cant see through them). They are a thicker denier and offers more warmth than hosiery of lower deniers.

Why do my stockings roll down?

If your hosiery is rolling down, it is due to incorrect sizing. Specifically, they are too small. Opt for a larger size and hosiery with silicone bands to keep them from rolling down.

How do I stop stay ups from slipping?

A quick little hack to stop your stay ups from slipping down is to use hand sanitiser on your skin.

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