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Article: Tips To Follow When Washing Your Bra

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Tips To Follow When Washing Your Bra

Everyone wants to get the most value for their money and this is especially true when it comes to bras. We’re going to go through a few simple bra washing tips to help you get the most out of your bra purchases and extend your bras lifetime.

Tip #1 Don’t use a harsh detergent

No matter how you wash your undergarments, you’ll want to make sure that you’re using a detergent that is gentle and friendly on your clothes. It’s a good idea to avoid bleach and fabric softeners that may alter or degrade the fabric and structure of the bra.

Tip #2 Cycle your bras

To get the most out of your bras it’s a great idea to cycle your bras often. Depending on your activity level and how much you perspire will depend on how often you should be cycling your bras. We would recommend using the same bra no more than 3 days in a row to allow your bra to breathe and for the fabric to maintain its structure and support. Cycling your bras will also keep you from walking around with any odour your bra may have absorbed from perspiration over the day.

Tip #3 Hand wash

We suggest that you take your bras into the shower with you at the end of the day. This means you’ll be able to give it a gentle hand wash which will prevent any mishaps that may occur in a washing machine.

Tip #4 Use a washbag

If you do decide to use a machine to wash your bras, always use a washbag! This will prevent serious fabric burn that commonly occurs in the wash. The roughness of a washing machine often causes underwires to bend, deform and pop out - a surefire way to end the life of your bra.

Tip #5 flat dry

By flat drying your bras you avoid any chance of deforming the bra caused by hanging. After you hand wash them, simply place your bras on a flat surface or clothes horse to allow them to dry. Like machine washing it’s recommended that you don’t use a tumble dryer as this can cause friction burn and the excessive heat can damage the fabric.


Getting the most out of your bra comes down to the quality of the manufacturing and how you care for them. Remember, they’re called “delicates” for good reason so handle them with care to get extend their lifetime.



How long should a bra last?

The lifetime of a bra is around the 6 month mark. Due to their role in supporting your bust, exceeding 6 months may mean that your bra wont be offering you the same support it once did. A good rule of thumb is for every bra you buy, throw one away.

Should I use hot or cold water to wash a bra?

When it comes to washing your bras always use cold water and hand wash. Hot water can cause your garment to deform and shrink.

Can I use fabric softener on a bra?

Don’t use fabric softener on your bra as this causes your garment to loose its elasticity. Also avoid any bleach or harsh chemicals.

How often should I wash my bra?

Depending on how much you perspire, it's good to wash your bra every 1-3 wears.

How often should I wash my sports bra?

It's best to wash your sports bra after every wear due to perspiration.

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