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Article: Bra Liners: A Must Have for a Big Bust

Woman wearing bra sweat liner

Bra Liners: A Must Have for a Big Bust

Bra Liners: A Must Have for a Big Bust

When it comes to breasts, having a little more up top is nothing to be ashamed of. Still, being slightly well-endowed isn’t always comfortable. In addition to the well-known issue of back problems, large-chested women sometimes also suffer from sweat and chaffing in the breast area. A good bra liner makes a world of difference for ladies with this issue.

Bra sweat liner diagram

What Is a Bra Liner?

A bra liner is a simple piece of cloth that fits under the band of your bra, directly under your breasts. The basic shape is rectangular, but most good liners also have a stem (also known as a bridge). This refers to a small section of cloth that extends upward, fitting between the breasts. Other liners have additional cloth designed to fit inside the bra cups.

Sweat liner

Purpose and Benefits

Bra liners have two major roles as undergarments. Firstly, they absorb the excess sweat and moisture present around the breasts. That means you have better control over body odour, not to mention sweat stains on your bras and tops. Secondly, bra liners act as a barrier between the bra and your skin preventing annoying skin rashes, infections and chaffing. 

Woman wearing bra breast liner

Size and Fit

Finding the right size bra liner is super easy thanks to the simple size range. The Bra Liners come in sizes 10-12, 14-16, 18-20, and 22-24. These sizes line up with your bra band making it a breeze to find your perfect fit.

Two women wearing bra sweat liners

What to Look For

The best bra swear liners have to be absorbent. At the same time, it shouldn’t be so thick that it forces you to go up a band size or is visible through your clothes. Look for one that is thin but which still can hold several times its weight in moisture. Additionally, check the durability of the fabric. Your liner will have to stand up to all the friction of daily wear, as well as standard washing and drying. If you have very large breasts, pick a liner with a taller stem, as this will absorb more moisture between each breast. Ladies with smaller breasts typically can get by with and are more comfortable with a liner with a short stem. Try to find liners that match your bras, even though the colour spectrum leans toward neutrals.


Our Top Pick

If you're looking to buy sweat liners online or locally, you cant go past our personal favourite, an invisible beige liner that doesn’t show. It will keep you dry on exertion, during exercise, and throughout the day. The Love Luna Bra Sweat Liner is soft and absorbent to manage perspiration and chafing whilst also reducing odour and potential bra discolouration. 

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