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Article: Why A Good Sports Bra Is A Must-Have

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Why A Good Sports Bra Is A Must-Have

Why a Good Sports Bra Is a Must-Have

Just about all fashionistas pay attention to the cut and fit of their regular bras. After all, nothing finishes off the allure of a great outfit, beautiful face and perfect hairstyle than a sensually shaped bosom. Gals tend to pay a little less attention to the bras they wear when exercising or doing sports. Even though sports bras won’t necessarily win any wowza points for the way they look, they’re essential to keeping you comfortable and retaining your breast health. 

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When you exercise, you’re at a constant battle with inertia. Inertia is a physical phenomenon that means matter will resist a change in its movement or rest. In other words, parts of your body that are moving want to stay moving, and parts that are just sitting there want to stay motionless. It takes energy to stop or go, which is why exercise burns calories.

Focusing on your “girls,” your breast tissue comes along for the exercise ride. As you shift, turn, jump and run, following the principle of inertia, the breast tissue will continue to move until something stops it. If you aren’t wearing a bra, the ligaments around the breast tissue determine how far the breast tissue can move before bouncing back. Over time, these ligaments stretch out, not unlike a worn-out rubber band.

The result is breasts that seem less perky and shapely. The stretching can also cause discomfort, as can the impact of the breasts against each other or the skin of the torso. The breasts are primarily fat and glandular tissue and contain no muscle, so once these ligaments are stretched, there isn’t a good way to reverse the damage, even though you can develop the muscles under the breasts (e.g., the pectoralis major).

When you slip into a sports bra, the bra keeps your breasts much more stable and supported than if you wore no bra or even a traditional bra. The ligaments do not stretch as much, and painful breast “bouncing” or “slapping” is minimised. The fact sports bras tend to have wider straps that distribute the weight of the breasts better contributes not only to stabilising the breasts better, but also to decreasing back and shoulder pain.

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Aside from keeping your breasts looking their best and increasing comfort, sports bras also play a role in hygiene. Sports bras are made from fabrics that are good at absorbing moisture. This might not seem like a huge feature, but moist skin is easier to rub away (chaffing). Additionally, with a material that “breathes” and wicks away moisture, your body is able to stay cool better. When your body is able to regulate temperature well, it is easier to exercise at higher intensities or for longer periods.

Woman wearing Panache Sports bra

Posture and Correct Form

To a greater degree than other bras, sports bras lift and guide the breasts into the proper position, distributing the weight of the breast tissue so that stress on the back is lessened. This means the breasts don’t get in the way and it feels much more comfortable to do exercises with good posture and form—there is no need to slouch or otherwise try to protect the breasts, because the bra does it for you. Doing exercises with good form is imperative to preventing injury.

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Shape and Fit

Illusions Lingerie offers free professional fittings so that you can get the best sports bras for your next workout. Choosing the right size is the first step, and Illusions Lingerie has some of the best and most experienced fitters in the industry - members who are knowledgeable in fits, sizes and how to refine your bra in order to offer you not just a thorough but devoted personal service.

If a professional sports bra fitting is what you are looking for - Illusions has helped women all over Melbourne to fine the perfect sports bra for their shape and workout routine.

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