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Article: 8 Best Underwear for Transgender In Australia

Models wearing gender inclusive underwear
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8 Best Underwear for Transgender In Australia

In the pursuit of comfort and confidence, finding the right underwear is crucial for feeling yourself. This becomes even more important for MTF, FTM, crossdressing, and non-binary individuals which is why we’re here to help! Get ready to dive into a world of shimmering confidence and plush comfort with the best underwear for our transgender, crossdressing, and non-binary readers.

The 8 Best Underwear For Transgender, Crossdressing & Non-Binary Individuals In Australia

In this guide, we'll explore the top products from renowned trans friendly underwear brands including Urbody, Origami Customs, and RUBIES who are dedicated to providing comfort, style, and a sense of empowerment. As official Australian stockists of these brands, we invite you to discover a world of inclusive and gender affirming undergarments online and in-store.

Lets check out our best sellers for each category below and if you’re in need of assistance or recommendations, we’re happy to help via email, phone, or visit us in store for a professional fitting!

The 8 best underwear for Transitioning, Crossdressing & Non-Binary individuals are: 

  1. RUBIES AJ Shaping Underwear - Best Shaping Briefs
  2. Urbody Tucking Gaff - Best Tucking Gaff
  3. Urbody Lace Bralette - Best Transgender Bra
  4. Urbody: Racerback Compression Top - Best Compression Bra / Top
  5. Illusions Lingerie: Silicone Breast Forms - Best Breast Forms For Crossdressing & Transitioning
  6. Secret Weapons: Chicken Fillet Bra Inserts - Best Bra Inserts
  7. Exquisite Bodies: Silicone Scar Healing Products - Best Scar Healing

RUBIES: AJ Shaping Underwear

Rubies logo and AJ Shaping Underwear

Best Shaping Underwear For Trans Women

Kicking off our list of transgender underwear is the AJ Shaping Underwear from RUBIES. Blossoming from a real life father/daughter experiences, RUBIES underwear is tailor-made for MTF individuals looking to smooth their front. Crafted from a cottony soft blend, these bottoms offer a subtle silhouette without the need for tucking or gaffing. Designed to provide comfort without tight compression, RUBIES' shaping bottoms magically transform your appearance, ensuring confidence in any outfit. Say goodbye to the pointy poker and hello to the dainty dune with these amazing MTF briefs.

Colours: Black, Pink

Sizes: 8 / XS - 18/XXL


Urbody: Tucking Gaff

Urbody Tucking Gaff

Best Tucking Underwear For MTF

For those looking for tucking underwear in Australia, we stock a range of Urbody Gaffs specifically designed to make sure you feel confident and secure with every wear. As a trans queer woman-owned brand committed to redefining gender and body norms in the fashion industry, their Tucking Gaff ensures a secure and smooth tucking experience, combining functionality with self-expression. The wider gusset provides optimal coverage while the premium compression fabric lined with super-soft cotton guarantees comfort while maintaining a high level of compression.

Colours: Black

Sizes: 8 / XS - 18 / XXL


Urbody: Lace Bralette

Urbody Lace Bralette Australia

The Best Transgender Bra

When it comes to finding a transgender bra in Australia, it’s been tough! So we’re doing what we can to help bridge the gap for all Aussies! Meet the Urbody Lace Bralette – where fun and fabulous collide in the world of gender-inclusive lingerie! Crafted from a soft blend of Nylon and Spandex, this bra offers the perfect support and flexibility for daily wear. Designed for trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming individuals, the flexible band ensures a comfortable fit. This bra's got your back (and front!). Easy sizing makes finding your fit a breeze and beyond the aesthetics, this bra features breathable, quick-drying fabric, suitable for various activities and climates while easy care and wrinkle-resistance simplifies your routine. The perfect first bra for crossdressing or along your transitioning journey!

Colours: Black

Sizes: 8 / XS - 20 / 3XL


Urbody: Racerback Compression TopUrbody Racerback Compression Top

Best Compression Top

For those who are looking to flatten their bust, the Urbody Racerback Compression Top offers the ultimate in chest compression and comfort. Meticulously crafted by and for trans, nonbinary, and gender non-conforming individuals, this top provides a perfect balance of compression, exceeding standard sports bras yet offering less pressure than commercial binders. The discreet neckline stays concealed under most shirts, ensuring a seamless look for daily wear or workouts.

Colours: Black, Sand

Sizes: 6 / XXS - 22 / 4XL


Illusions Lingerie: Silicone Breast FormsIllusions Lingerie Silicone Breast Forms and Carry Bag

Best Breast Forms For Transitioning & Crossdressing

From our own brand, we offer Silicone Breast Forms designed for crossdressers and transgender individuals. We’ve tested a range of shapes and sizes and found this triangular shape offers the perfect amount of chest coverage, fullness and projection to suit those assigned male at birth. Crafted from premium silicone, these breast forms provide a natural feel and a realistic appearance, complete with life-like nipples. With a range of sizes available, we’re here to help you with a personal in-store fitting to find you the perfect fit and enhance your silhouette.

Colours: Nude

Sizes: 400g - 1200g


Secret Weapons: Chicken Fillet Bra InsertsSecret Weapons Chicken Fillets

Best Bra Inserts

The younger sister to our breast forms, Secret Weapons brings you Chicken Fillet Bra Inserts, the softest and most natural feeling fillets. Perfect for delicate bras, these silicone inserts provide some extra lift and fullness, offering a natural look and comfortable feel. At 14cm long and 8.5cm wide, these will let you achieve some extra va-va-voom effortlessly.

Colours: Clear

Sizes: One Size


Exquisite Bodies: Silicone Scar Healing Products

 Exquisite Bodies Scar Healing Products

Best Scar Healing Products For Post Top Surgery

Complete your journey with Exquisite Bodies silicone scar healing products, available in tape, form cut, ointment and stick applicators. Utilising the magical properties of silicone, these products provide an appropriate balance of moisture and oxygen exposure needed for improved results. Keeping the skin properly hydrated and oxygenated allows tissue to blend better with the scar resulting in a more natural colour as well as being softer and flatter. Perfect for post-top surgery healing, these products ensure a smooth and comfortable scar recovery.


A Satisfying Conclusion 

There you have it, the ultimate guide to fun and fabulous underwear for every body! We’re so proud to be the new official Australian stockists of these amazing brands, so strut into our lingerie store in Melbourne for a free inclusive fitting and hopefully we can help you to find your next (or first!) transgender bra and panties. Empower yourself with undergarments that celebrate your true self!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Our Fittings

Do I need to make an appointment for a fitting?

Nope! Head into our store anytime and one of our amazing fitters will help you find exactly what you’re after.

Is there a fitting fee for inclusive fittings?

Our fittings are completely free, we want all of our customers to leave the store being 100% satisfied with their fit and their purchase!

Can I bring a friend or family member to the fitting?

Absolutely! Bringing a friend or family member for support is encouraged. Our fittings are about creating a supportive and comfortable environment, and having someone you trust with you makes the experience all the more fun.

What brands and products are available during fittings?

We carry a range of products from brands specialising in transgender, crossdressing, and non-binary undergarments such as RUBIES, Origami Customs, and Urbody. These include items like shaping underwear, compression tops, bras, breast forms, and other gender-affirming products. We will also look at a range of other brands and products depending on what you require. 

Is there privacy during the fitting process?

Respecting your privacy and making sure you are comfortable is a top priority during a fitting. Fitting rooms are designed to provide a secure and confidential space, ensuring that you can explore and try on undergarments with comfort and discretion. Our fitters will only enter the fitting room with you if you are comfortable for them to do so and rest assure we have a zero tolerance policy for any non-inclusive behaviour.


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