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Article: How To Apply Boob Tape: A Handy Guide

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How To Apply Boob Tape: A Handy Guide

Sometimes you need bust support without the appearance of unsightly straps, thats where boob tape comes to the rescue. You might know it by breast tape, fashion tape or flash tape, whatever you choose to call it, knowing how to apply it to your bust is key.

What is boob tape? / What is boob tape used for?

Used by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jessie J, this miracle tape is used to provide support when you just can’t wear a bra. Made from hypoallergenic medical-grade adhesive, the Secret Weapons Boob Tape is designed for your skin. You can use boob tape to lift, seperate, flatten, boost, or create cleavage of your bust while not using a bra. This is perfect for dresses that are backless, plunging or strapless as it allows you to contour your bust however you desire.

Cleaning items

Preparing your skin

To get the best results, it’s always good to apply the tape to clean skin so be freshly showered, dried, and don’t apply oils or moisturisers. If you can, avoiding fake tan where you intend to apply the tape is also a good idea. When using, it’s also important that you don’t apply over broken, damaged, or sun burned skin.

Before applying the tape, we suggest using nipple covers to protect your nipple when it’s time to remove the adhesive.

 Application Process of Breast Tape For Backless Dress

How To Apply Boob Tape For a Backless Dress Or Plunge Dress

Let’s get into how to tape for a backless dress or a plunge dress. For this technique we want to add support and structure to the bust whist keeping the tape hidden.

  1. First apply a long strip in line with your nipple from about an inch lower than where your underwire would normally sit and lift the bust while adhering the tape from the lower ribcage to as high as your dress allows. This is where your main amount of support will come from. Next we want to shape and project the bust.

  1. To do this, we apply a shorter length of tape from the side of your bust up along your chest and we continue to repeat this process until you meet the first line of tape. Time to reassess the shape you’ve created.

  2. If you feel you need more cleavage or to centre your bust, now is the time to add an extra strip from the side of your bust toward your sternum.

  1. Now, repeat this on the other side.

Tip: If you require extra support, you can add addition layers to the front of the bust.

How to apply breast lift tape for a strapless dress

How To Apply Boob Tape For a Strapless Dress

Unlike a backless dress, when applying for a strapless dress we loose the support from the shoulders meaning we have to lift the bust from below.

  1. Again we’re going to start by applying a strip in line with the nipple from below the bust and bring it up to the top of the bust or wherever your dress starts.

  2. Next we will apply an X formation to lift and support the bust. Starting on one side, pulling in and up to the other side and repeating on the opposite breast.

  3. Finally adding strips from left to right and right to left to shape, project and smooth the bust.

Tip: repeat any of these steps for additional support.

How To Create Cleavage With Boob Tape

If you’re looking to create cleavage without a bra, we can create a similar effect by using breast tape to pull the bust in and up toward the centre from the sides. Use the X formation for dresses which don’t have a plunging neckline. For backless or plunging dresses, tape from the side of your bust in and up toward your collarbone.

Tips & Tricks

  • Avoid oils, moisturiser and fake tan on areas that will be covered by the adhesive.

  • Do a practice run!

  • Exfoliate before applying.

  • Pair with Reusable Headlight Dimmers or Single Use Nipple Covers to protect your nipple.

  • Apply, apply, apply! Theres 5 meters of tape so don’t feel like you need to use it sparingly.

  • Make sure you’re comfortable.

  • A warm bath or shower makes it easier to remove.



Nudi Boobies Stick On Bra Alternative

Alternative Strapless Bra Solutions

If breast tape isn’t your style, you can also try our Nudi boobies invisible bra. These silicone bras are a great alternative and are very easy to apply. While they won’t provide you with as much fine tuning that you will get from tape, these silicone bras can help to offer some support and boost to women with a smaller bust.

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