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Article: Top 10 Best Bras For Smaller Busts

The Best Bras For Small Breasts
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Top 10 Best Bras For Smaller Busts

On the surface, it seems like women fall into two distinct camps: those with larger breasts and those with smaller breasts. When all you’ve known is one camp, it’s only natural to wonder what it would be like to be in the other. But this ‘grass is always greener’ mentality prevents us from loving our own bodies – and we can’t hope to find the best bras for small boobs if we don’t embrace our smaller boobs to begin with.

As bra fitters ourselves, we also know that there are a fair few myths floating around about how easy it is for women with smaller busts to shop for bras. Even those of us with smaller busts can go through a dozen or so awkward fits before we find the best bras for our smaller boobs. There are issues like gaping cups, discrepancies between band sizing and cup sizing, and even inadequate support – trust us, even smaller breasts need support!

If you are on the hunt for the best bras for smaller breasts, we’re here to help. Today, we’ll be sharing our top 10 best bras for small boobs, so read on to find your perfect fit.

Top 10 Best Bras For Small Boobs

When you’re looking for understated support for your smaller breasts, it can be all too easy to settle for your run of the mill t-shirt bra. But even women with smaller breasts should be wearing bras that are fitted to their breast shape. Thankfully, the best bras for small boobs that we’ve outlined below cover a wide range of different breast shapes, so you should be able to find a bra or two that’s bound to be the perfect fit.

Here are our 10 best bras for small chests:

1. Fine Lines Refined 6-Way Low Cut Strapless (Best Strapless Bra)

2. Anita Lynn (Best Front Closure Bra)

3. Triumph Triaction Hybrid Lite Wire Free (Best Sports Bra)

4. Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort Lift Demi Bra (Best Push Up)

5. Ambra Seamless Singles (Best Wirefree Bra)

6. Corin Virginia Basics Underwire Bra (Best For Wide Set Breasts)

7. Triumph Gorgeous Mama Lace Wirefree Bra (Best Nursing Bra)

8. Calvin Klein Lotus Floral Push-Up Bra (Best Padded Bra)

9. Naturana Wide Strap Padded Wirefree T-Shirt Bra (Best For Large Bands)

10. Ambra Bondi Bare Longline Bra (Most Affordable)

1. Fine Lines Refined 6-Way Low Cut Strapless

Woman wearing fine lines strapless bra for small bust

Best Strapless Bra For Small Chests

One of our best-selling strapless bras here at Illusions Lingerie, this versatile little number is comfy enough to be your daily go-to and reliable enough to be worn under all your strapless formal looks. The Fine Lines Refined 6-Way Low Cut Strapless Bra has been praised for its smooth and seamless fit as well as its convertible design. This strapless bra can be worn 6 different ways with its included straps. It can even be fitted with clear straps for those who want a little extra support during formal events.

But what makes this bra one of the best bras for smaller breasts? The answer lies in its plunge design. Designed to provide your smaller breasts with a natural lift and shape, the Fine Lines Refined 6-Way Low Cut Strapless Bra simply hugs you in all the right places.

Colours: Black, Nude
Band sizes: 10 - 14
Cup sizes: A - DD


2. Anita Lynn
Woman wearing Anita Lynn Bra

Best Front Closure Bra For Small Breasts

A best-selling bra here at Illusions Lingerie that offers an understated, sporty look, the Anita Lynn boasts a wire-free design as well as super comfy microfibre cups and wide, soft shoulder straps. This all adds up to one thing: exceptional and long-lasting comfort.

With its easy-to-use, full-length zip and crop top-style construction, the Anita Lynn is designed to be your go-to comfort and leisure bra. This seamless front closure bra is sure to be a vital investment for chests of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re recovering from a mastectomy or other procedure, or are simply on the lookout for an ideal sleep bra, you’ll be sure to find plenty to love about the Anita Lynn front-closure bra.

Colours: Black, Lotus, Desert
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large


3. Triumph Triaction Hybrid Lite Wire Free

Woman wearing Triumph sports bra

Best Sports Bra For Small Chests

With its slightly padded cupping, extremely light construction, and padded straps for extra comfort, it’s no wonder why the Triumph Triaction Hybrid Lite Wire Free Bra is one of our favourite sports bra designs for smaller breasts. The clean and understated design as well as its lightweight fabrication, makes it the quintessential weekday bra – perfect for supporting chests of all sizes as you’re on the go, whether you’re running, spinning, or rushing to catch a train on a Monday morning.

Although the Triumph Triaction Hybrid Lite is technically a sports bra, its 74% bounce control (tested by Portsmouth University) and highly breathable design complete with moisture-regulating inserts is perfect for wearing 24/7. You can easily wear your Triumph Triaction Hybrid Lite from the gym to work, and even out for a casual weekend brunch date with total confidence that you have all the support you need.

Colours: Blue, Grey, Black
Band sizes: 10 - 16
Cup sizes: A - D


4. Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort Lift Demi Bra

Woman wearing Seductive Comfort bra in black and beige

Best Push Up Bra For Small Boobs

From Calvin Klein’s signature ‘Seductive Comfort’ range, the Seductive Comfort Lift Demi Bra is designed to feel like a second skin. This innovative take on the traditional demi cup bra provides exceptional coverage adorned with delicate lace trimmings that’ll have you feeling super feminine. Included memory foam padding also gives your chest a subtle and natural lift, making this our preferred push up bra for smaller breasts.
Alongside being highly smooth, comfortable, and appealing in its minimalist and ‘back to basics’ design, the Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort Lift Demi Bra is also fitted with adjustable shoulder straps and a sturdy hook and eye back closure so you can find your perfect fit.

Colours: Dune, Black
Band sizes: 10 - 14
Cup sizes: A - D


5. Ambra Seamless Singles

Small bust woman wearing Ambra Seamless Singles Bra

Best Wirefree Bra For Small Breasts

When it comes to intimate basics, there’s arguably nothing more streamlined than Ambra’s Seamless Singles. These super attractive and seamless t-shirt bras are made from soft yarns to provide exceptional comfort on a daily basis. And in lieu of an underwire, Ambra’s Seamless Singles instead utilise an innovative knitting technique that allows for an ultra supportive and seamless chest band.

Available in 5 striking colour combinations, and a range of inclusive sizes, you’ll be sure to find a Seamless Single that fits your chest to a tee, whether you’re looking for a bra for smaller boobs, or even ideal bras for saggy breasts that require a little extra support.

Colours: Pink Stripe, Indigo/White, Black, White, Nude
Band sizes: 8 - 14
Cup sizes: A - D


6. Corin Virginia Basics Underwire Bra

Woman wearing corin virginia bra

Best Bras For Wide Set Small Boobs

Looking for the best bras for smaller breasts is one thing, but when you’re shopping specifically for wider set breasts that are closer to A or B cups, it gets a little trickier to find bras that provide the shape and structure you’re looking for. That’s precisely why the folks at Corin designed and developed their Virginia Basics Underwire Bra.

Featuring 3 different layers of fabric and three-dimensional soft foam, the Virginia Basics Underwire Bra offers exceptional support whilst simultaneously providing you with an enviable amount of shape. This seamless and smooth-fitting underwire bra is elegant in its simplicity, and can feel perfectly at home when worn under a plain white tee on a weekend morning or a little black dress on your next date night.

Colours: Black, Nude, White & Fashion Colours
Band sizes: 8 - 22
Cup sizes: B - GG


7. Triumph Gorgeous Mama Lace Wirefree Bra

Woman wearing Gorgeous Mama Lace Maternity Bra

Best Nursing Bra For Small Busts

When shopping for maternity bras for smaller chested women, it’s imperative that you factor in the impact that your milk production will have on the size of your breasts. Even women who’ve lived with smaller busts their entire lives can find themselves waking up to swollen breasts as their breast milk comes in. And whilst you do eventually get used to these fluctuations in the size and shape of your breasts, it’s still important to get yourself a nursing bra that can not only grow with you, but can also help you feel beautiful on those mornings where you’re feeling less than yourself, to say the very least.

That’s what makes the Triumph Gorgeous Mama Lace Wirefree Bra our pick for the best maternity bra for smaller busts. With its floral lace pattern, micro-feel fabric underbust, and timeless A-frame design, this is a maternity bra that’s designed to provide both style and comfort in droves. With included padding in the soft and silky underbust, the Triumph Gorgeous Mama Lace Wirefree Bra helps support smaller breasts whilst still providing plenty of room to breathe.

Colours: Nude, Black
Band sizes: 10 - 16
Cup sizes: B - E


8. Calvin Klein Lotus Floral Push-Up Bra

Woman wearing Calvin Klein Push Up Bra

Best Padded Bra For Small Breasts

Another standout from Calvin Klein’s ‘Seductive Comfort’ range of everyday bras, the Calvin Klein Lotus Floral Push-Up Bra improves on the traditional t-shirt bra in more ways than one. Combining super soft and comfortable microfibre jersey fabric with attractive lace wings and picot lace cup trimmings, this minimalistic padded bra is designed to provide exceptional shape under all types of attire. Like most push-up bras, the Lotus Floral Push-Up Bra provides great underwire support and adjustable shoulder straps so you can attain a fit that’s tailored to your chest.

And if you wanted one extra reason to add one of these simple yet stunning padded bras to your intimates drawer, you’ll be happy to hear that the Lotus Floral Push-Up Bra is also made from recycled fibres. So you can be kind to your bust and the planet in one swift purchase!

Colours: Pink Wink, Black, Cedar
Band sizes: 10 - 16
Cup sizes: A - DD


9. Naturana Wide Strap Padded Wirefree T-Shirt Bra

Woman wearing Naturana Bra for women with a wide back and small bust

Best Bra For Small Chest & Large Band

Contrary to popular belief, not all curvy women have a buxom bosom. This is because all bodies are different and carry weight differently. If you carry your curves more in your hips than your chest, then you’ll naturally want a bra that actually provides a smaller cup size and a larger band size. And here, we have to recommend the Naturana Wide Strap Padded Wirefree T-Shirt Bra.

With its padded, wire-free cups, soft and wide shoulder straps, and ultra supportive U-shaped back design, the Naturana Wide Strap Bra is built to provide superior support for women with a smaller chest but a larger band size. No more having to deal with uncomfortable pinching around your chest or underbust! With the Naturana Wide Strap Padded Wirefree T-Shirt Bra, you can enjoy a comfortable fit and exceptional support under all your casual weekend outfits.

Colours: White, Beige
Band sizes: 10 - 22
Cup sizes: A - D


10. Ambra Bondi Bare Longline Bra

Women wearing affordable bras

Most Affordable Bra For Smaller Chests

As always, we have to round up this list with our best bra for smaller busts based on price as the deciding factor. And as always, it is indeed an Ambra bra that takes the cake here. Ambra are renowned for producing sleek and streamlined essential intimates made from comfortable and breathable fabrics – and their Bondi Bare Longline Bra is no exception here.

Boasting a flattering and seam-free longline design that accentuates the natural curvature of breasts of all sizes, the Ambra Bondi Bare Longline Bra provides ample structure and support without the need for underwires or even front or back closures. This longline bra is an easy, stretchy, pull-on style that almost feels more like a bralette in comfort and a crop top in its look and fit.

Colours: Rose Beige, Black, Peach Fizz, Sangria, Bold Blueberry, Wisteria, Raspberry
Sizes: 8 - 18


Final Sentiments

Finding the best bras for small busts doesn’t need to be a complex endeavour. As we said at the beginning of this list, finding the best bras for small breasts can be as easy as knowing which style or fit works best for your chest. And for most women with smaller breasts, you’re sure to find plunging styles or triangle-shaped cups to be most complementary to the natural shape of your bust.

If you’d like more support on finding the best bras for your smaller breasts, then contact the team at Illusions Lingerie for more information on any of the bras we’ve outlined above. Or why not come visit us in-store to secure a professional bra fitting with our warm, inviting, and knowledgeable team? Let’s work together to find the perfect bra that’s guaranteed to be the right fit for you.

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