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Article: Why Underwires Pop Out and How To Avoid It

Underwire sticking out of pink bra

Why Underwires Pop Out and How To Avoid It

Underwire bras have become a staple in many women's wardrobes thanks to the additional support they provide. However, it's not uncommon for the underwire to snap or pop out leaving you feeling uncomfortable and in need of a replacement. In this blog, we'll explore the reasons why underwires in bras can break and offer some helpful tips on how to avoid this from occurring.

Why do underwires break?

    1. Age: Bras, like any other clothing item, have a limited lifespan. Over time, the elasticity in the bra can wear out, causing the underwire to become loose and eventually snap. We suggest cycling between your bras and purchasing new bras every 6 months to ensure you’re receiving the maximum support.

    2. Incorrect size: When a bra is too tight, it puts more pressure on the underwire causing it to snap. It's important to be fitted by a professional bra fitter to avoid this issue and to make sure your bra is providing you with the best support and compliments your figure.

    3. Washing and Drying: Washing and drying your bras in a machine can cause the underwire to bend and snap. We always recommend to wash your bras by hand and lay them flat to dry. Tip: Take them in the shower with you at the end of the day and wash them then!

    4. Poor Quality: One of the primary reasons for an underwire breaking is the quality of the bra itself. Cheap and poorly made bras are more likely to have underwires that snap or pop out. Poor quality underwire bras can also be bad for you. When shopping for a bra, investing in a high quality garment that offers support and comfort is top priority! Tip: Ask your fitter what they recommend. 

Washing nude bra in sink

How to prevent underwires from breaking: 

    1. Replace your bras regularly: Replace your bras every 6-8 months (depending on how often you wear them) to avoid wear and tear of the fabric and underwire.

    2. Get the right fit: Make sure to be fitted for a bra by a lingerie store with experienced staff. Finding the right size will avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the underwire and do wonders to avoid shoulder and back pain. 

    3. Hand wash and lay flat to dry: Hand washing and laying your bras flat to dry will help prevent the underwire from bending and snapping. Avoid using the washing machine and dryer where possible as this often causes fabric burn.

    4. Invest in a good quality bra: Choose a bra that is made with high-quality materials. Explore our range of bras to ensure you’re always ordering high quality and trustworthy bras.


Get the most out of the lifetime of your bra by using our helpful tips! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our friendly team at Illusions Lingerie. If you're wondering whether it is better to do your online bra shopping or in-store, we're always happy to help. While we’re not providing fittings We’re always happy to help and offer advice!

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