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Article: Are Underwire Bras Bad For You?

Woman wearing underwire bra. Are underwire bras bad for you?
underwire bras

Are Underwire Bras Bad For You?

As a leading provider of elegant and comfortable lingerie, we have a deep understanding of the intricacies and nuances of undergarments. Today, we're tackling a topic that has been hotly debated for years: underwire brasAre underwire bras bad for you? A common misconception about this popular piece of lingerie is that it can cause breast cancer by obstructing the lymph flow. While lymphatic drainage is essential for breast health, there’s no scientific evidence to support this theory. In fact, underwire bras are known for their comfort and support, making them the go-to choice for many women. But don’t just take our word for it - let's delve into the benefits and drawbacks of underwire bras to help you make an informed decision about your lingerie choices.

Are Underwire Bras Bad For You

1. Are underwire bras bad for you? Fact or fiction?

2. Underwire bra benefits

3. How to choose the right underwire bra

Are Underwire Bras Bad For You? Fact Or Fiction?

The belief that underwire bras can cause cancer originated in 1995 when Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer (self-described medical anthropologists) published Dressed to Kill. The book presented evidence supporting the authors' theory that bras suppress the lymphatic system, causing toxins to accumulate in the tissues of the breasts, leading to a variety of health problems. So, are underwire bras bad for you? Can underwire bras cause cancer?

It is estimated that more than 20,600 Australians were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2022, and even in the 90’s, the words ‘breast cancer risk’ was enough to strike fear into the heart of every woman. But it soon became clear the evidence and studies they provided to back up this claim was not scientifically valid. Singer and Grismaijer’s research did not account for potential confounding variables, such as the presence of established breast cancer risk factors in some women. As a result, the alleged connection between wearing a bra and developing breast cancer seems to lack a solid foundation. 

It’s been more than 20 years since Dressed to Kill was published and there’s still no evidence to suggest wearing an underwire bra increases the risk of breast cancer - in fact, quite the opposite. In 2014, the highly esteemed Fred Hutchinson Cancer Centre in Seattle conducted an extensive study that concluded no aspect of bra-wearing was linked to an increased risk of breast cancer. Several reputable organisations, including Breast Cancer Now, Cancer Research UK, the American Cancer Society, and the US National Institutes of Health, have also backed this claim, emphasising  the absence of evidence supporting the claim that wearing bras heightens the risk of developing cancer.

Underwire Bra Benefits

While underwire bras have been the subject of some debate, there's no denying the numerous benefits they offer to many women. From providing unparalleled support to enhancing the overall shape of the bust, underwire bras are a popular choice for those seeking a mix of style, comfort, and function. But if we had to describe the benefits of underwire bras in a nutshell, our top three would be: 

Underwire Bra Benefits: They Promote Good Posture

One of the most significant advantages of underwire bras is the support they provide and the impact on posture. The wire is designed to hold the breast tissue up and away from the chest wall, preventing sagging and ensuring a more comfortable experience. And in a world where most of us work at a desk all day or spend time hunched over a smart device, promoting good posture is vital.

Underwire Bra Benefits: They Improve The Shape Of Your Bustline

Underwire bras not only provide lift and support but also offer a more defined shape. While bralettes or wirefree bras might do the trick for some, other women (particularly those who wear plus size lingerie) find wearing an underwire results in a more aesthetically pleasing silhouette, especially when wearing form-fitting clothes.

Underwire Bra Benefits: They Reduce Potential Neck Pack And Back Pain

For some women, particularly those with larger breasts (shout out to our plus size lingerie lovers once again), underwire bras can alleviate back, shoulder, and neck pain caused by the weight of the breasts. The added support can also help distribute the weight more evenly across the body. 

How to Choose the Right Underwire Bra

The key to reaping the benefits of an underwire bra while mitigating the potential health risks lies in choosing the right bra and ensuring it fits properly. Here are some tips to help you find the perfect underwire bra:

Get Professionally Fitted

We highly recommend visiting a professional lingerie fitter or using Illusions Lingerie's online fitting guide to determine your correct size. A well-fitted bra will provide the right support without causing discomfort.

Opt for High-Quality Materials:

Choose bras made from high-quality materials that are comfortable, breathable, and gentle on the skin. Illusions Lingerie offers a wide selection of premium underwire bras to suit every taste and preference.

Inspect the Wire

When selecting an underwire bra, examine the wire encasing to ensure it is well-padded and secure. This will minimise the risk of the wire poking through the fabric or causing discomfort.

Test the Band

The band of the bra should be snug but not too tight. You should be able to slide two fingers under the band comfortably. A properly fitted band will provide most of the support, taking the pressure off the underwire and reducing potential health risks.

Are Underwire Bras Bad For You? Our Conclusion

Underwire bras have been a topic of debate for years, with some questioning their potential health risks. Therefore, are underwire bras bad for you? Extensive research and studies have debunked the myth that underwire bras increase the risk of breast cancer. Instead, underwire bras offer numerous benefits, including enhanced support, improved shape, and pain relief for many women. By getting professionally fitted, selecting high-quality materials, and ensuring the wire is well-padded and secure, you can confidently wear underwire bras that provide the perfect blend of style, comfort, and support.

Ultimately, the decision to wear an underwire bra comes down to personal preference. If you find that underwire bras meet your needs and feel comfortable, you can wear them without fear of adverse health effects. Visit Illusions Lingerie for a wide range of premium underwire bras and expert advice on finding the perfect fit for you! Or check out our other guides including:

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