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Article: Top 10 Best Bras For Sagging Breasts

Woman Wearing the Best Bra For Sagging Breasts
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Top 10 Best Bras For Sagging Breasts

From navigating puberty and breast development to adapting to life after menopause, breasts go through a wide range of evolutionary phases throughout the course of any woman’s life. And it’s only natural for breasts to begin sagging as you grow older. But so long as you have some of the best bras for sagging breasts in your underwear drawer, you can still feel confident and comfortable whether you’re postpartum or perimenopausal. 

Our bra shop fitters are here to help today by outlining our top 10 best bras for sagging breasts. This list contains different types of bras for saggy breasts of all ages, so you’ll be able to find the right bra to fit your lifestyle needs.

What causes sagging breasts?

Before we plunge into our favourite bras for sagging breasts, let’s first dispel some myths about what causes our breasts to sag. Contrary to popular belief, breast sagging isn’t actually caused by a lack of support for your chest. In fact, your breasts can change their size and shape for a range of different reasons – including menopause. 

Breast sagging itself is actually a natural part of menopause, and is caused by the milk-making cells in your breasts shrinking and being replaced with fat. This is beneficial for women as we age, because this change makes our breasts grow softer, allowing our breasts to feel more comfortable in our senior years and even making it easier for us to detect lumps.

The 10 Best Bras For Saggy Breasts

If you are experiencing breast sagging, however, you may find that the bras in your boudoir don’t fit as well as they may have used to. And all women deserve to feel confident and comfortable with a proper fitted bra that shapes your breasts even if your breasts are changing. That’s why we’ve prepared this list of the best bras for sagging breasts. Read on to unearth our top picks of all the best bras for saggy boobs.

The 10 best bras for sagging breasts are:

  1. Fine Lines Refined 6-Way Low Cut Strapless (Best Strapless Bra)
  2. Ravissant Push Up (Best Push Up Bra)
  3. Anita Clara Comfort Bra (Best Wirefree Bra)
  4. Fine Lines Memory Blessed Full Coverage (Best Full Coverage Bra)
  5. Triumph Embroidered Minimiser (Most Comfortable Bra)
  6. Ambra Curvesque Support Wirefree Bra (Most Affordable Bra)
  7. Panache Sports (Best Sports Bra)
  8. Triumph Triaction Ultra W (Best Support Bra)
  9. Triumph Lace Maternity (Best Nursing Bra)
  10. Elomi Cate (Best Underwire Bra)
Fine Lines Refined 6-Way Low Cut Strapless 

1. Fine Lines Refined 6-Way Low Cut Strapless

Best Strapless Bra For Sagging Breasts

If you’ve got a formal event on the horizon in your calendar and are looking for the perfect strapless bra to wear under your dress, then you’ll find lots to love with the Fine Lines Refined 6-Way Low Cut Strapless Bra. This versatile strapless bra can be worn in a variety of different ways (six, to be specific), with a wide elastic waistband strap to provide superior support and comfort with every fit.

This strapless bra is fitted with versatile 3D hemmed cups that provide exceptional coverage whilst still maintaining a low neckline. And with a super low-back design as well, the Refined 6-Way Low Cut Strapless Bra can be an invaluable investment for those of us who love to dress up and prefer low-back dresses or gowns with plunging necklines.

Colours: Skin, Black

Band sizes: 10 - 14

Cup sizes: A - DD


Woman sitting wearing black Ravissant Push Up Bra

2. Ravissant Push Up

Best Push Up Bra For Saggy Breasts

The best bras for saggy breasts tend to be demi-cups or boast a plunge or balconette style, rather than being full-cup bras. This ensures that your breasts receive adequate support and coverage whilst minimising risks of gaping.

The plunging neckline and ultra soft push-up padding of the Ravissant Push Up Bra provides the ultimate design for women with sagging breasts. This is without a doubt one of the best bras for saggy breasts when it comes to both providing comfort and ensuring that you feel sexy and confident in your intimates day-in and day-out.

Colours: Orchid, Scarlet, Black

Band sizes: 8 - 16

Cup sizes: A - DD


Woman wearing Clara Comfort Bra from Anita Lingerie in Nude and Black

3. Anita Clara Comfort Bra

Best Wirefree Bra For Saggy Boobs

Although underwire bras can come with their fair share of benefits (like providing structure and relieving spinal strain), they aren’t for everybody, nor every body. If you’re not a fan of underwire bras but still want to enjoy the same levels of comfort, then your best bet is to invest in a wirefree bra that still provides structure and support.

For sagging breasts in particular, the Anita Clara Comfort Bra is sure to tick all boxes. Thanks to its anatomically shaped underbust band, the Clara Comfort Bra is designed to provide adequate support and coverage for breasts of all sizes – including sagging breasts. If you’re weaning your baby off nursing or are even transitioning into menopause, you’ll find the microfibre construction and soft fleece lining of the Clara Comfort Bra to be just what you needed with regards to both structure and comfort.

Colours: Skin, Black

Band sizes: 12 - 16

Cup sizes: A - H


3 angles of woman wearing a black FineLines bra

4. Fine Lines Memory Blessed Full Coverage

Best Full Coverage Bra For Sagging Boobs

At this point, you may be wondering about what to do if you have larger breasts that are sagging? Even with sagging, your breasts may be too large for a demi-cup bra. But as your breasts sag, they are in need of extra support – especially if you have a larger cup size. 

This is precisely the dilemma that Fine Lines sought to solve when designing their Memory Blessed Full Coverage Bra. Fitted with a flattering balconette neckline, soft straps, and 100% memory foam cupping, this full coverage bra is designed to mould to your body, providing just the right amount of support and structure whilst still providing a flattering and organic fit.

And with a wide range of band and cup sizes and three attractive colours to choose from, you’ll most likely find yourself adding a few of these bras to your underwear drawer to wear throughout the week.

Colours: Skin, Black, Smoky Blue

Band sizes: 10 - 18

Cup sizes: D - G


Woman wearing a black Triumph Embroided Minimiser bra

5. Triumph Embroidered Minimiser

Most Comfortable Bra

Changes to the size and shape of your breasts are typically accompanied by some back strain or pain as well. Because of this, the best bras for saggy breasts tend to be those that offer just as much back support as they do chest support. And it is the extra support that makes the Triumph Embroidered Minimiser the most thoroughly comfortable bra on this list.

The Triumph Embroidered Minimiser melds form with functionality. This bra’s delicate embroidery is contrasted against its firm build and strong powernetting for back support. Everything about this bra feels utilitarian – except for the fact that it’s also super cute!? This is a must-add to your wardrobe for both aesthetics and purpose combined.

Colours: Baby Cheek, Fawn, Black

Band sizes: 12 - 20

Cup sizes: D - G


Woman wearing Ambra Curvesque Support Wirefree Bra in black and nude

6. Ambra Curvesque Support Wirefree Bra

Most Affordable Bra For Saggy Chests

Of course, not all of us care how aesthetically pleasing our everyday bras are. We just want support and durability above all else. If you’re looking for a bra that can provide comfort without all the bells and whistles, then you’ll be hard-pressed to find one as affordable and durable as the Ambra Curvesque Support Wirefree Bra.

Ambra are well-known for making thoughtfully designed basics with a minimalist flair, and their Curvesque Support Wirefree Bra is no exception here. Boasting a soft, ribbed texture and a fully seam-free design, this lightweight and low-cost bra is built to feel like you’re wearing absolutely nothing whilst still providing structure and shaping. It also comes with removable cups for total flexibility.

The Ambra Curvesque Support Wirefree Bra comes in two neutral colours: Rose Beige and Black. Both are designed to be flattering for all skin tones, so you can opt for either and still enjoy a comfortable and flattering wirefree fit that’ll support you from your 9am meeting to your 6pm dinner date.

Colours: Rose Beige, Black

Sizing: 14 - 22


Woman wearing Panache Sports Bra

7. Panache Sports

Best Sports Bra For Saggy Breasts

If you are postpartum or are even preparing to enter your retirement years, then chances are you’ve been thinking about getting deep into your fitness regime. Sadly, any woman with larger or sagging breasts knows that training at your hardest requires you to tame the ladies first. The last thing you want is to be hit in the chin by a flyaway boob when you’re trying to beat your personal best on the treadmill.

That’s where the Panache Sports Bra comes into the picture. This award-winning bra is designed to deliver maximum comfort and support for a wide range of breast shapes and sizes. In fact, thanks to the 3D motion and biomechanical technology testing used to develop this bra, Panache have been able to promise a breast ‘bounce’ reduction rate of 83%. Simply put, this sports bra will allow you to run faster for longer – even with larger, sagging breasts.

Colours: Grey Marle, Grey, Black, Latte, Red, Cobalt, Patterned Multi

Band sizes: 8 - 18

Cup sizes: D - HH


Woman wearing a Triumph Triaction Ultra W sports bra

8. Triumph Triaction Ultra W

Best Support Bra

Soft, sleek, and understated, the Triumph Triaction Ultra W is a sports bra unlike any other. For starters, it’s designed to look and feel like an everyday bra. Available in three neutral tones and with a lightweight build, this bra can easily be worn under casualwear, workwear, or activewear and still feel perfectly at home. 

The Triumph Triaction Ultra W is also completely unpadded, but does possess double layer cupping for added support whilst still providing a comfortable fit and a full range of motion. All in all, you will be tempted to wear this bra 24/7 and not just at the gym, which is why it takes the cake for our best bra for saggy boobs that may need a little extra support.

Colours: Fig Pink, White, Black

Band sizes: 12 - 20

Cup sizes: C - G


Woman wearing Triumph Lace Maternity bra in nude and black

9. Triumph Lace Maternity

Best Nursing Bra For Sagging Busts

Although breastfeeding doesn’t directly cause your boobs to sag, it can lead to stretch marks and elongating of the ligaments in your breasts. This can result in sore, achy breasts with skin markings. Add to that the fact that most nursing bras look like something you’d find in your grandmother’s closet, and it’s enough to make you feel pretty drab in what should be one of the most enriching and loving times of your life.

If you’re looking for a nursing bra that not only provides exceptional support for saggy breasts but also makes you feel confident and feminine to boot, then we strongly recommend you take a look at the Triumph Lace Maternity Bra.

The Triumph Lace Maternity boasts easy hook mechanisms for one-handed clipping, soft and wide strapping for added support, and multi-piece cupping with a flattering lace design. All in all, this maternity bra will have you feeling pretty in pink on even your most sleep-deprived days.

Colours: Nude, Black

Band sizes: 12 - 20

Cup sizes: D - H


Woman wearing Elomi Cate bra in Pine Grove

10. Elomi Cate

Best Underwire Bra For Saggy Busts

And one of our favourite underwire bras is here to conclude this list for the best bras for saggy boobs. We are of course, talking about the classic Elomi Cate. This timeless bra features a sheer embroidered top cup with a striking intersecting arc design for an elegant and aesthetic look. The Elomi Cate’s full cup frame also boasts elasticated neck edging for superior comfort and stability.

As for structure and support, you can’t go wrong with the Cate’s robust build, which provides a balanced fit across your chest, back, and sides. In short, the Elomi Cate is a bra that’s designed to hug you in all the right places.

Colours: Black, Latte, Pine Grove, Rosewood, Raisin, Mulberry, Aruba, Ink, Desert Rose, Tunis

Band sizes: 12 - 24

Cup sizes: D - J


Final Sentiments

All breasts are different and thus, experience sagging differently. So finding the best bra for saggy breasts requires a little one-on-one time with your breasts and their unique support needs. 

If you want to make sure that your breasts receive all the right support and structure from your next brassiere investments, then why not come visit us in-store for a professional bra fitting with our warm and welcoming fitters? Let our professional bra fitters help you find the best bras to support you through all phases of life.

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