Maternity bra fitter next to mannequin

Finding The Best Maternity Bra

As a mother of 3 herself, Tracey knows the ins and outs of maternity, the back aches, the tender breasts, and lets not forget the size fluctuations around the body. Tracey knows what items will get you through comfortably and without breaking the bank!

Whether you’re in your first trimester, last trimester or breastfeeding, Tracey will make sure you leave with a bra that fits great and lasts through your varying sizes.

Our in store fittings make it easy for pregnant women to come in store and let the experts work their magic. Our trained staff will guide you to find a bra that will provide you support and accomodate your changing body.

For breastfeeding women, we have a range of nursing bras featuring discreet magnetic maternity clips to make breastfeeding easy. 

Shop our range of maternity bras online or head in store for your free maternity bra fitting.