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Article: Top 10 Best Bras For 2024

Women In Lingerie For The Cover Of The Best Bras For 2024
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Top 10 Best Bras For 2024

What’s your New Year’s resolution? Ours is to travel through 2024 feeling calm, cool, collected and – most importantly – supported. And when it comes to support, having a good bra is foundational, to say the very least. 

Thankfully supportive bras in a variety of different styles is what we do best here at Illusions Lingerie. When you browse through our online store or even scan the racks in our physical store, you can expect to find virtually everything from active-friendly sports bras that are made to move with you, to stylish, lacey cups that are sure to have you feeling pretty in pink on your next date night. 

The Best Bras For 2024

With that, it’s only fitting that we start our guides and deep-dives of this fresh, new year with our definitive guide on all the best bras to add to your intimates drawer in 2024. So stick with us as our bra fitting experts here at Illusions Lingerie share our top picks for all the best bras in 2024, as well as the top bra designers to keep an eye out for from season to season.

The best bras for 2024 are:

1. Panache Rosa Balconnet- Best Sexy Bra

2. Anita Fleur- Best Comfortable Bra

3. Sculptresse Estel Plunge Bra- Best Bra For Plus Size Bodies

4. Panache Envy Full Cup- Best Balconette Bra

5. Chantelle C Magnifique Minimiser- Best Minimiser Bra

6. Corin Virginia Basics- Best T Shirt Bra

7. Fine Lines Fuse Push Up Bra- Best Push Up Bra

8. Fantasie Ana Bra- Most Popular Bra

9. Triumph Gorgeous Luxury- Most Affordable Bra

10. Panache Ana Plunge Core- Best Overall

1. Panache Rosa Balconnet

Two women wearing black Rosa bras from Panache Lingerie

Best Sexy Bra

When it comes to lingerie staples, nothing beats a classic black lace bra. And if you’re in the market for a black lace bra that’ll have you feeling like Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction, then look no further than this little number. In fact, we’d go so far as to say this is one of the sexiest bras in our range, that is apart from our quarter cup bra sets!

A devilishly stylish black lace balconette bra, the Panache Rosa Balconnet boasts sheer mesh cups with floral lace embroidery for a clashing of worlds. But as is the case with anything timeless, the devil is truly in the details – and you won’t be disappointed when you get up close to this sexy balconette bra. 

With gold ring detailing on the front, a flattering balcony construction with solid underwire support, and fully adjustable strapping on the back, you can rely on this bra to not only have you feeling sexy from dawn till dusk, but to also make sure that you have all the support you need.

Colours: Black
Band sizes: 10 - 16
Cup sizes: D - GG

2. Anita Fleur

Woman wearing a white and black bra

Best Comfortable Bra

Of course, for every woman that loves to strike a pose, there’s another who adores staying cosy and comfortable. And for all your cosy girlies, this next one's for you. Featuring soft cotton pockets as well as microfibre cupping, adjustable strapping, and a stretchy and fleecy neckline, the Anita Fleur is designed just as much for long-lasting comfort as it is for exceptional support. 

An inclusive and minimalist mastectomy bra, the Anita Fleur also boasts stunning floral lace across its lighter toned cupping, creating a subtle yet still striking design that’s gorgeously feminine. Whoever said that comfy couldn’t be cute clearly has never experienced the magic of the Anita Fleur.

Colours: Crystal, Black
Band sizes: 12 - 20
Cup sizes: A - DD

3. Sculptresse Estel Plunge Bra

Full figure woman wearing a red plus size bra

Best Bra For Plus Size Bodies

If you’re a curvy girl with a bigger bust, then chances are that finding the best bra for your body can feel like a bit of a minefield. The complexities of bra sizing grow tenfold for plus size bodies, so when you find a bra that hugs you in all the right places, you better believe that you’re keeping that bra for life!

Thankfully, the Estel Plunge Bra by Sculptresse delivers when it comes to both inclusive sizing as well as styling. Available in three beautiful colours and boasting universally appealing ornate lacework on their full-sized cups, the Estel Plunge Bra is designed to look flattering on a range of plus size bodies. Ladies with fuller chests will absolutely love the plunge design of these bras, so we highly recommend grabbing a pair in each colour!

Colours: Berry, Blush Pink, Dusk Blue
Band sizes: 16 - 24
Cup sizes: D - GG

4. Panache Envy Full Cup

Woman wearing the Panache Envy Full Cup bra

Best Balconette Bra

Another balconette bra and a bestseller in our Panache collection, the Panache Envy Full Cup boasts stretch lace top cups for an inclusive fit, as well as laminated bottom cups for a delightfully contrasting design. This contrast extends to the patterns in the Envy’s gorgeous lace design, boasting floral lacework along the upper cup, and a striking jacquard lace pattern on those lower, laminated bottom cups.

As for support, the Envy is wired with a side sling to centralise the bust and for forward projection, as well as fully adjustable straps so you can get the perfect fit with every wear. And on top of all of this, the Panache Envy Full Cup is also available in four beautiful, bold colours and a wide range of sizes!

Colours: Chestnut, Deep Orchid, Black, Navy
Band sizes: 10 - 16
Cup sizes: D - GG

5. Chantelle C Magnifique Minimiser

Woman wearing C Magnifique minimiser bra

Best Minimiser Bra

Designed in France, the Chantelle C Magnifique Minimiser is très chic and very practical to boot. A seamless and unlined minimiser bra that delivers exceptional results, the Chantelle C Magnifique Minimiser boasts flattering, full coverage cups that are designed with integrated support panels. This helps centre the breast tissue and effectively provide an organically minimising effect. 

The cups of the C Magnifique are also soft and stretchy whilst still creating a rounded, natural shape that’s sure to compliment casual, formal, or work attire. The C Magnifique’s wide, double-lined mesh band and fully adjustable straps are designed to provide maximum support whilst also smoothing out your back and sides – and that’s what got the C Magnifique on this list of our best bras in 2024. What more could you ask for from a minimiser bra?

Colours: Black, Nude Sand
Band sizes: 10 - 22
Cup sizes: C - G

6. Corin Virginia Basics

Three women wearing the white Corin Virginia t-shirt bra

Best T-Shirt Bra

With its thermally moulded cups and lightweight design, the Corin Virginia Basics Underwire Bra is designed to feel just as light and airy as a t-shirt itself, which is precisely what makes this not just one of the best t-shirt bras, but also one of the best bras on the market today. Moulded with three layers of fabric and 3D soft spacer foam, the Corin Virginia Basics bra is able to provide superior breast support alongside maintaining breathability.

A bra that you’d be more than happy to wear literally everyday, we highly recommend grabbing a few pairs of these basics in every colour. This will be your go-to bra for those ‘plain white tee’-kinda days, guaranteed.

Colours: White, Nude, Black
Band sizes: 10 - 22
Cup sizes: B - GG

7. Fine Lines Fuse Push Up Bra

Woman wearing a Fuse push up bra

Best Push Up Bra

If you’re looking for a push up bra that feels just as comfy and familiar as your everyday basics, then we’d be hard-pressed not to recommend the Fine Lines Fuse Push Up Bra. With its delightfully simple but effective design boasting a sturdy underwire, plunging neckline, and soft push-up padding, the Fuse Push Up Bra is capable of creating a beautiful shape and natural lift that also provides exceptional comfort.

The Fuse Push Up Bra also boasts fully adjustable, soft and comfortable straps that are attached to the band of this bra by two sturdy, triangular mesh wings positioned on the back. This little detail doesn’t just look gorgeous – it also provides additional breathability and ensures that your straps and band stay in position as you go about your day.

Colours: Spice
Band sizes: 10 - 16
Cup sizes: A - DD

8. Fantasie Ana Bra

Women wearing the Fantasie Ana bra

Most Popular Bra

Available in three neutral colours as well as a bright and bold red with a lace trim, lace straps, and gorgeous patterned cups, the Ana Bra by Fantasie is a bestseller for a reason. One of the best bras on the market today, the Ana is a moulded full cup bra that’s available in a wide range of different band and cup sizes. This ensures that there’s an Ana out there that’ll fit virtually every kind of body.

The Fantasie Ana's spacer moulded cups provide full coverage without adding any extra volume or appearing bulky, ensuring that you can wear this bra under any outfit with confidence. Flexible yet still supportive edges at the neck and underarms also ensures that this bra will never pinch you. All this and more is what makes the Ana not only a true staple, but again – one of the best bras available for ladies of all shapes and sizes.

Colours: Black, White, Natural Beige, Red
Band sizes: 10 - 18
Cup sizes: D - H

9. Triumph Gorgeous Luxury

Triumph Gorgeous Luxury Affordable Bra

Most Affordable Bra

Sometimes, luxury isn’t about opulence, but more an understated elegance. And that’s exactly what Triumph has been able to achieve with their Triumph Gorgeous Luxury Bra. A t-shirt bra with seamless contoured cups and a super soft construction, the Gorgeous Luxury Bra provides a superior fit with excellent support. 

And being valued at just $54.95 AUD, the Gorgeous Luxury Bra may be one of the most affordable luxury t-shirt bras available on the market today. Invest in your everyday comfort by grabbing a few Triumph Gorgeous Luxury Bras for your undies drawer. They’re available in six different colours so there are plenty of options to choose from!

Colours: Teint, Black, Baby’s Cheek, Grey, White, Ink Gray
Band sizes: 10 - 18
Cup sizes: D - F

10. Panache Ana Plunge Core

Woman wearing the Panache Ana Bra in black and vintage colours

Best Overall Bra For 2024

So what’s our top pick for the best overall bra in 2024? Unsurprisingly, it’s one of our most adored staples: the Panache Ana Plunge Core. Available in two core colours (a timeless black and their dusty pink ‘vintage’ tone), the Ana Plunge boasts feminine stretch lace top cups and stabiliser lined bottom cups that work together to ensure that you feel both supported and super sexy. The plunge neckline is also flattering on virtually all body types, providing the illusion of a lift without even needing to wear a push up bra.

With sturdy wiring, comfortable band and straps, as well as powermesh wings for back breathability, the Ana Plunge is the perfect bra to wear under everything from business attire to formalwear. The 2023 season Ana Plunge is also available in a variety of other feminine colours, including Salsa Red, Sweet Lavender, Berry Pink, and a few shades of blue! Check out the full selection of Ana Plunge bras and matching briefs over in our Panache collection.

Colours: Vintage, Black
Band sizes: 10 - 16
Cup sizes: D - J

Final Thoughts

Do you think you’ve found your next go-to bra amongst our selections in this list? Well then all that’s left to do is come in for a personalised bra fitting experience here at Illusions Lingerie. Simply pop into our Moonee Ponds store to speak with our warm and welcoming Illusions team. We take pride in being able to find the perfect fit for bra wearers of all shapes and sizes.

Come visit us in-store today or contact us via our website if you have any questions about our range of products or any of the bras outlined above. You can also drop us a line by phoning (03) 9326 1543.

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