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Article: Top 10 Best Shapewear in Australia for 2024

Woman wearing a black shapewear bodysuit, one of the best shapewear for 2024

Top 10 Best Shapewear in Australia for 2024

Let’s be honest – most of us tend to have a love/hate relationship with our shapewear. We’re glad we have great shapewear in our wardrobe, but even gladder to take it off at the end of a long day. But for those occasions where you need to look ‘red carpet-ready’, shapewear can provide that little bit more lift, tuck, or smoothening that helps you exude confidence and flash genuine smiles in all the snapped memories from that special day.

This isn’t to say anybody needs shapewear to feel confident. Truth be told, the best shapewear doesn’t alter your body at all, but simply accentuates your natural assets. In this regard, shapewear can be a love letter to your body, or a coat of armour that helps you feel fierce and fearless when you need to be.

The Best Shapewear In Australia for 2024

Nowadays, there are so many different types of shapewear available for bodies of all shapes and sizes. There are slimming bodysuits, camisoles, thigh-length shorts, and even shaping thongs. So what’s the best shapewear to add to your own wardrobe?

Our shapewear and lingerie experts here at Illusions Lingerie are here to answer that question for you by sharing our top 10 best shapewear to add to your wardrobe. Read on to unearth the best shapewear styles for every dress or outfit in your wardrobe, as well as the best shapewear brands to keep an eye on.

The best shapewear is:

1. Miraclesuit Hi Waist Brief- Best To Flatten Tummy

2. Miraclesuit Streamline Torsette Thigh Slimmer- Best Bodysuit Shapewear

3. Naomi & Nicole Hi Waist Comfortable Firm- Best Plus Size Shapewear

4. Spanx Shaping Satin Mid-Thigh Short- Best Bridal Shapewear

5. Illusions Lingerie Corsets For Men, Women, & Crossdressers- Best Costume Corsets

6. Spanx Plunge Low-Back Thong Bodysuit- Best Lowback Shapewear

7. Miraclesuit Sheer Half Slip- Best Shapewear For Dresses

8. Spanx Strapless Cupped Mid-Thigh Bodysuit- Best All in One Shapewear

9. Cupid Even More Full Bust Shaping Camisole & Naomi & Nicole No “Side-Show” Waist Shaping Camisole- Best Cami Shapewear

10. Miraclesuit Tummy Tuck High-Waist Shaping Brief & Thigh Slimmer- Best Overall/ Best Shapewear Brand

1. Miraclesuit Hi Waist Brief

Woman wearing Miraclesuit Hi Waist Brief

Best Shapewear To Flatten Tummy

The main reason a lot of us buy shapewear is really for tummy control. And when it comes to wearing bodycon style clothing, wearing smoothing or slimming high-waisted briefs can provide that little extra support to help you maintain a striking silhouette from every angle.

This is precisely why the folks at Miraclesuit designed their Hi Waist Brief. These shaping briefs are highly versatile, and can easily be worn under a variety of different outfits, from jeans to form-fitting maxi skirts, mini dresses, and everything in between.

And with two and three plies of Tactel® fabric and durable Wonderful Edge® hems to keep your briefs comfortably in place, Miraclesuit have said that you can expect a maximal ‘comfort-to-control ratio’ from this shapewear essential.

Colours: Black, Nude

Sizes: 10/S - 20/3XL

2. Miraclesuit Streamline Torsette Thigh Slimmer

Woman wearing Streamline Torsette Thigh Slimmer from Miraclesuit


Best Bodysuit Shapewear

Another exceptional product from Miraclesuit, the Streamline Torsette Thigh Slimmer doesn’t just slim your thighs and hips. It’s also been designed with Miraclesuit’s patented Back Magic® technology to shape away back fat and muffin tops. With flexible stays, a split gusset closure, and double Wonderful Panel® panels to slim the midriff, hips, and back, you can wear this highly adaptable shapewear bodysuit under a range of different outfits.

But the most thoughtful design feature of the Streamline Torsette Thigh Slimmer has to be its open bust. Alongside providing comfy shoulder strapping and streamlined hemming (for no visible lines), the Streamline Torsette Thigh Slimmer can also be worn with virtually all bras. So you can take full control over your silhouette. If you want more shape or structure to your chest, you can pop on a pushup bra. And if you’re after a more streamlined look to compliment your shapewear, you could go for a minimiser bra instead.

Colours: Black, Nude

Sizes: 10/S - 20/3XL

3. Naomi & Nicole Hi Waist Comfortable Firm

Women wearing Hi Waist Comfortable Firm shapewear

Best Plus Size Shapewear For Tummy Control

Anybody who’s ever shopped for plus size lingerie knows that design matters. You want your lingerie and intimates to have design features that address the most common pain points that surround plus size clothing. These include things like chafing or fabric riding up and creating a very unflattering bunching effect. 

Thankfully, Naomi & Nicole’s Hi Waist Comfortable Firm Thigh Slimmer address all of those issues and then some. Made with a single ply of sturdy, high-modulus Tactel® fabric, this plus size-friendly thigh slimmer is super lightweight, breathable, and built to stay in place all day. Alongside providing thigh slimming capabilities, this brief-style shapewear can also flatten your tummy, and smooth your hips. The thigh short design also prevents chafing!

And if you’re looking for this same level of comfort and support to wear under a mini dress or mini skirt, you can invest in Naomi & Nicole’s Hi Waist Brief Comfortable Firm, which provides all the same benefits as their Thigh Slimmer without the extra coverage (so minus the thigh slimming).

Colours: Black, Nude

Sizes: 16/XL - 24/5XL

4. Spanx Shaping Satin Mid-Thigh Short

Woman wearing a satin shaping mid thigh short

Best Bridal Shapewear For Wedding Dress

Of all the days in your life where you’d need to look ‘red carpet-ready’, your wedding really takes the cake…literally! But if you do want to look your best on your wedding day, then our ultimate shapewear recommendation has to be Spanx’s Shaping Satin Mid-Thigh Short in their pearly Linen colour.

Part of the Shaping Satin Collection by Spanx, these mid-thigh shorts are designed with innovative liquid stretch shaping satin fabric to provide a fit that’s luxuriously soft whilst still being incredibly supportive. Alongside being breathable and quick-drying with a comfy cotton gusset designed for all-day wear, the Shaping Satin Mid-Thigh Shorts also include a double layer panel that targets your core to provide a smoothening effect across your hips, tummy, and upper thigh.

These silky smooth shaping shorts are also the perfect length – mid-thigh, so you can still get away with wearing a shorter dress, or perhaps even a wedding garter on your big day!

Colours: Black, Linen

Sizes: 8/XS - 16/XL

5. Illusions Lingerie Corsets For Men, Women, & Crossdressers

Women wearing corsets

Best Costume Corsets For Belly Control

Of course, we don’t just dress up for big occasions. Sometimes, we dress up simply because we feel like it. And sometimes, we dress up just for fun – like for a costume party or to dabble in cosplay. And if you are looking for a costume corset, then we have to recommend our Illusions Lingerie Black Corset.

Available in a range of inclusive sizes, this corset is perfect for not just women, but also men who may like to dabble in costume or drag. With its stylish lace tie-up back and sturdy, front metal closures, this black costume corset is really everything you could want from an inclusive corset. The structure and support provided by this costume corset is perfect for anybody looking for a little extra tummy control, to complete their sexy pirate wench look, their Frank-N-Furter look, or all of the above.

If you’re not sure about what size to grab your costume corset in, we highly recommend coming into our Moonee Ponds store to enjoy an inclusive lingerie lingerie fitting experience. Our fitting experts are always happy to provide fitting services that are tailored directly to crossdressers, drag queens, transgender folk, and all other members of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Colours: Black

Sizes: 8/XS - 22/4XL

6. Spanx Plunge Low-Back Thong Bodysuit

 Woman wearing a plunge low back body suit

Best Low Back Shapewear

It’s easy enough to find great shapewear to wear under a bodycon dress or a halter neck dress, but what if you’re looking to wear a plunge neckline or backless dress at your next formal event? In this case, you’ll need to invest in some low back shapewear that’s still able to provide the same levels of structure and support that you’d get from a shaping bodysuit or high-waisted briefs.

Thankfully, Spanx have all but addressed this concern for us by developing their Plunge Low-Back Thong Bodysuit. Boasting a super low-back design and a stylish and flattering plunge front to boot, this thong-style bodysuit is the ultimate hidden accessory for those who love to sport plunging necklines, shorter hemlines, and sexy thigh slits.

And if this versatile shaping bodysuit couldn’t get any better, you can even adjust its straps in five different ways (traditional, criss-cross, halter, narrow back, and racerback). 

Colours: Black, Nude

Sizes: 8/XS - 16/XL

7. Miraclesuit Sheer Half Slip

Woman wearing sheer shapewear

Best Shapewear For Dresses

Are you a dress-loving gal? If so, you’ve probably had a lifetime of wearing bike shorts under the most feminine fits. It can feel a little disparate wearing something so utilitarian under a flowing fit. That’s probably what the folks at Miraclesuit were thinking when they designed this effortlessly gorgeous Sheer Half Slip.

Made with double sheer panels with Wonderful Edge® hems for ensuring no visible lines, this high-waisted slip is designed to provide exceptional comfort and airiness alongside structure. The sheer panelling also helps to keep you moving without any concerns that passersby will catch a glimpse of your under-dress look.

And alongside providing a flattering fit to complement your dress, this sheer half slip also helps minimise your thighs, slim your hips, and smooth out your tummy too.

Colours: Black, Nude

Sizes: 10/S - 18/XXL

8. Spanx Strapless Cupped Mid-Thigh Bodysuit

Woman wearing shapewear

Best All In One Shapewear

Some of the shapewear that we’ve highlighted today allows you to wear your own bra, but what if you want to wear a minimiser-style bra with your shaping accessories anyway? If that’s the case, then you might as well get an all-in-one shaping bodysuit that allows you to enjoy a uniform fit from your chest to your thighs.

That’s precisely where the Spanx Strapless Cupped Mid-Thigh Bodysuit comes into the picture. With its fit, flexible cupping, adjustable back closure, and fully adjustable and convertible straps, this all-in-one shaping bodysuit is guaranteed to fit you like a glove, and hug you in all the right places. 

Spanx have also designed this full bodysuit to provide a highly streamlined fit – just to ensure that it stays invisible under even bodycon dresses and skirts. This is made possible through its single-layer shaping fabric construction and clean-cut leg openings to ensure no visible lines.

Spanx also fitted their Strapless Cupped Mid-Thigh Bodysuit with their Easy Access Gusset™, ensuring that you can wear this shapewear all day without having to worry about stripping down in a bathroom cubicle. Talk about glamour!

Colours: Very Black, Champagne Beige

Sizes: 8/XS - 16/XL

9. Cupid Even More Full Bust Shaping Camisole & Naomi & Nicole No “Side-Show” Waist Shaping Camisole

Women wearing a shaping camisole

Best Cami Shapewear In Australia

The inclusion of open gussets on shapewear raises an interesting question: is it worth buying shapewear with built-in panties? If you’re looking for hip and thigh-slimming shapewear, then you’ll naturally need to wear brief- or thong-style shaper accessories. But if you’re only after tummy and back control, you have one other option. We’re talking about cami shapewear.

What’s the best cami shapewear on the market today? Well, even our experts at Illusions Lingerie were stumped with this one, because we do have a wide selection of cami-style shapewear to select from. But we managed to narrow our picks down to two: one that includes bust shaping and one that doesn’t. Let’s start with the Cupid Even More Full Bust Shaping Camisole. With a built-in, wire-free shelf bra with moulded cupping, adjustable shoulder straps, and Wonderful Edge® hemming, this Full Bust Shaping Camisole is designed to be worn all day. The Wonderful Panel® technology combined with this cami’s exceptional bust support and shaping capabilities really makes you forget that this isn’t actually a bodysuit.

Contrastingly, Naomi & Nicole’s No “Side-Show” Waist Shaping Camisole focuses on shaping your waist over providing bust support, as its name would suggest. This isn’t to say that the No “Side-Show” Shaping Cami doesn’t include any bust support, but just that its panels are positioned to flatten your tummy, shape your waist, and prevent any bulging or love handles. Naomi & Nicole also designed this cami shaper to be worn either under clothing or even as a flattering outer top and great alternative to your everyday singlets, tanks, or cami tops. Wonderful Edge® silicone hems also prevent this shaper camisole from rolling up, so you can wear this all day comfortably and with minimal fuss.

Cupid Even More Full Bust Shaping Camisole

Colours: Black, Beige

Sizes: 14/L - 24/5XL

Naomi & Nicole No “Side-Show” Waist Shaping Camisole

Colours: Black, Warm Beige, White

Sizes: 10/S - 18/XL

10. Miraclesuit Tummy Tuck High-Waist Shaping Brief & Thigh Slimmer

Women wearing shapewear

Best Overall Shapewear & Best Shapewear Brand

So what’s our best shapewear brand overall? Well unsurprisingly, it has to be Miraclesuit. Alongside developing several of the best shapewear we’ve outlined on this list, Miraclesuit is also credited with creating our ultimate pick for the best shapewear in Australia: the Tummy Tuck High-Waist Thigh Slimmer. With its single-ply derriere coverage for breathability, Wonderful Edge® hemming for support and positioning along the mid-thigh, and stylish mesh fabric, this thigh slimming shapewear combines some of the best features of all the similar shapewear we’ve outlined in today’s blog. The diamond or criss-cross seaming that can be seen across the waist and hip of this shapewear also provides additional structure and durability to these heavy-duty shaping essentials.

And if you’re after a shorter fit, you can buy the Tummy Tuck High-Waist Brief shaper from Miraclesuit instead. The brief variant of Miraclesuit’s exceptional Tummy Tuck shapewear boasts all the same benefits as its longer, thigh slimming counterpart – just without the thigh slimming. Even so, the adapted design still works superbly, with Miraclesuit utilising Wonderful Edge® hemming on the backs of the legs to both prevent visible lines and reduce risks of fabric riding up. The thoughtfulness in design for both of these shaping essentials makes them our top pick for the best shapewear that you can find in Australia.

Colours: Black, Nude

Sizes: 10/S - 18/XXL

Final Sentiments

Have we shared some shapewear today that could help elevate your own wardrobe and sartorial selections? Then why not come in-store to Illusions Lingerie to explore our expansive range of shapewear for yourself? Our friendly team here at Illusions is always happy to offer their support in helping you select all the right types of shapewear for your wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for shapewear for daily use or for a specific formal event or occasion in mind, a quick consultation with our team should be all that you need to set you on the right path.

Come visit us in-store today to receive an in-store fitting and additional support from our warm and welcoming staff.


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