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Article: Top 10 Best Push Up Bras In 2024

Women in the best push up bras for 2024
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Top 10 Best Push Up Bras In 2024

We made sure to start 2024 off for the girls by sharing our breakdown of the best bras of the year nice and early. And whilst there are definitely some top tier bra recommendations in that list, it’s also well worth noting that we all wear different bras for different reasons. 

For instance, our tried and tested T-shirt bras are perfect for wearing under our professional attire. Similarly, some great minimiser bras can help reduce your risks of experiencing gaps between the buttons in all your button-down shirts – ladies, we’ve all been there.

But what kind of bra do you wear if you’re preparing for a night out? And what’s an ideal bra style to wear if you’re planning to be out on a dancefloor for hours on end? The answer to both of these questions is likely to be a perfectly engineered and best push up bra.

Typically boasting a half cup or demi cup style with underwires for additional support and thoughtfully designed padding, push up bras are designed to enhance your natural cleavage to make your bust feel fuller, and usually without sacrificing on chest support. With all these benefits, the best push up bra truly is a vital investment for all bra wearers across the globe.

Top 10 Best Push Up Bras For 2024

That’s why we’ve prepared this follow-up guide to our best bra recommendations, this time focusing on the best push up bras and bras that provide push up-like effects. Intrigued? Then peruse this list of the best push up bras of 2024 to find a push up bra or a push up-style bra that’s perfect for your bust. 

The best push up bras for 2024 are:

  1. Panache Rosa Balconnet Bra - Best For Bigger Busts
  2. Sculptresse Estel Plunge Bra - Best For Plus Size Women
  3. Calvin Klein Lotus Floral Push Up T-Shirt Bra - Best For Cleavage
  4. Elomi Bijou - Best For Sagging Breasts
  5. Fine Lines Refined 5 Way Liquid Convertible - Best For Small Chests
  6. Fine Lines Refined Wireless - Best For Strappless Bra
  7. Fine Lines Fuse Push Up Bra - Best For Most Affordable 
  8. Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort - Best For Support
  9. Secert Weapon Nudi Boobies Invisible Bra - Best For Backless Bra
  10. Fines Lines Refined 5 Way Liquid Convertible - Best Overall Bra


1. Panache Rosa Balconnet Bra

Best Push Up-style Bra For Bigger Busts

When it comes to bra sizing systems, it’s safe to say that busty gals tend to get the short end of the stick. There are just fewer options out there for larger cup sizes, which results in our intimates drawers looking less cute and lacey and more like an endless collection of utilitarian sports bras. Not that there’s anything wrong with sports bras, but us bigger busted women do deserve to wear something cute and lacey now and again too.

And whilst there aren’t actually many push up bras for women with bigger busts, there are gorgeous balconette bras like the Panache Rosa Balconnet Bra, that provide the same flattering profile for your chest. With its sheer mesh cups and elegant floral embroidery all supported by a sturdy underwire, the Panache Rosa Balconnet Bra offers a certain sultriness to what is indefatigably a support-first bra. And whilst this balconette bra doesn’t boast its own padding, it does give a busty effect for those with a fuller figure, which is actually preferable in its subtle lift to the engineered lift of a push up bra (as extra thick padding at the bottom of the cup will only cause those with big busts to overflow). 

Simply put, if you only need your bra to give that little bit more of a lift, then the Panache Rosa Balconnet Bra surely won’t disappoint.

Colours: Black

Band sizes: 10 – 16

Cup sizes: D – GG 


2. Sculptresse Estel Plunge Bra

Best Push Up-style Bra For Plus Size Women

As we mentioned, women with bigger busts don’t really need the full lift that push up bras are designed to provide. What usually ends up happening is that the push up effect is so over pronounced that spillage occurs. Even so, plus size women can still enhance their cleavage by selecting their bra styles strategically. 

And just as balconette bras and their demi cup style can provide a similar push up effect, so too can plunge bras – just in a completely different way. Whilst the balconette bra accentuates the bust by providing less coverage, plunge bras typically boast full cups that are separated by a plunging neckline. This contrast between the bust and the neckline gives the appearance of more cleavage, making plunge bras another great asset for plus size women looking to accentuate their bust.

Of all the plunge bras we stock here at Illusions Lingerie, the Sculptresse Estel Plunge Bra has to be one of our absolute favourites for plus size bodies. Available in three beautiful colours with sturdy and attractive lace cupping as well as soft wings and strapping, this plunge bra is built for everyday wear – providing comfort as well as a super flattering fit.

Colours: Berry, Dusk Blue, Dusk Pink

Band sizes: 14 – 20

Cup sizes: D – GG 


3. Calvin Klein Lotus Floral Push-Up T-Shirt Bra

Women wearing Calvin Klein lingerie

Best Push Up Bra For Cleavage

Although our first two recommendations were for the bigger busted bra wearers, anybody with A to DD sized cups would be better off investing in a traditional push up bra – padding and all. And what if you’re looking for a push up bra that’s built perfectly for everyday wear? Then look no further than Calvin Klein’s Lotus Floral Push-Up T-Shirt Bra, a standout in CK’s Seductive Comfort range. 

With its recycled microfiber jersey construction paired with lace trimming and wings for a feminine touch, the Calvin Klein Lotus Floral T-Shirt Bra delivers on both form and function and is comfortable by both name and nature. Its padded push up cups provide a natural and comfortable lift whilst still doing what a t-shirt bra does best: staying invisible under all kinds of attire. This makes the Lotus Floral push up bra a must-have for anybody looking for a push up bra that they can wear from a Monday morning to a weekend night out.

Colours: Pink Wink, Black, Cedar

Band sizes: 10 – 16

Cup sizes: A – DD 


4. Elomi Bijou

Best Push Up-style Bra For Sagging Breasts

Another great push up-style bra for plus size ladies, but this time with additional support in place for lifting sagging or drooping breasts, the Elomi Bijou is one of our best-selling underwire bras for a few key reasons. Not only is this plunge bra a great alternative to traditional padded push up bras (providing a natural accentuation of the bust without padding), but its comfortable fit and adjustable strapping makes this one of the most versatile plus size-friendly bras across our collection.

Moulded cupping ensures that your breasts maintain a smooth profile at all times, with the Elomi Bijou’s foldover elastic cup trimming also working to keep this bra fitted to you in all the right places. This supportive fit is a game changer for all women looking to stay comfortable and confident as the natural shape of their breasts change, whether it be due to menopause or perimenopause, or even just the hormonal changes that accompany pregnancy, or breastfeeding and other lifestyle changes that come postpartum.

Want more recommendations on bras for sagging breasts? Then be sure to check out this list of our top 10 recommendations for the best bras to support sagging breasts.

Colours: Sand, Black

Band sizes: 12 – 22

Cup sizes: E – H


5. Fine Lines Refined 5 Way Liquid ConvertibleFine Lines Bra

Best Push Up Bra For Small Chests

When it comes to versatile bras, Fine Lines truly does lead the pack in a myriad of ways. But if you were to ask us what their best design is, we’d have to say their Fine Lines Refined 5 Way Liquid Convertible Push Up Bra

A push up bra like you’ve never seen before, the Refined 5 Way Liquid Convertible comes with adjustable straps so that it can actually be worn in five different ways (regular, regular with a lower back, halter, halter with a lower back, or criss cross). And with compatible clear straps and waist straps available as well, you can adjust the fit of this bra to suit a wide range of outfits, from casual to corporate, and even formal looks.

The soft yet supportive 3D hemmed cups of the Refined 5 Way Liquid Convertible ensure a consistently comfortable fit with a medium boost. The plunge neckline of the Refined 5 Way Liquid Convertible further accentuates that boost, the final effect being a push up effect that looks and feels exceptionally comfortable and natural.

Colours: Nude, Black

Band sizes: 10 – 16

Cup sizes: A – DD  


6. Fine Lines Refined WirelessFinelines strapless push up bra

Best Strapless Push Up Bra

Another great design by Fine Lines, the Fine Lines Refined Wireless Strapless Bra is a rare breed of push up for a few reasons. For starters, the push up bra is both wireless as well as strapless (but can be worn with straps in a halter, regular, or criss cross configuration). 

So how does the Fine Lines Refined Wireless provide a push up lift without an underwire? The answer lies in this innovative push up bra’s precision moulded cups. The exceptional shape of these cups paired with the Refined Wireless’ supportive, silicon-free waistband, makes this push up bra a perfect accompaniment to any strapless or halter neck dress.

Colours: Black, Nude

Band sizes: 10 – 14

Cup sizes: A – D 


7. Fine Lines Fuse Push Up BraFuse push up bra

Most Affordable Push Up Bra

As you can see from this list so far, there are a few different ways to produce a push up effect, from padding to a plunging neckline. So it stands to reason that an effective push up bra will use multiple design factors to help provide a natural lift and shape. That’s precisely what the Fine Lines Fuse Push Up Bra was designed to do, and all at an affordable price point too.

Valued at just $69.95 RRP, the Fine Lines Fuse Push Up Bra is a t-shirt bra that boasts soft push-up padding and strapping, and a flattering plunge neckline that work together to provide a medium lift that looks and feels very natural. A sturdy underwire and supportive back wing detailing that firmly anchors the bra’s comfy straps to its back waistband, ensuring that it stays in place as you move about your day. The Fine Lines Fuse Push Up Bra also boasts mesh panels on its wings for breathability, which makes this push up bra just as comfortable to wear as it is flattering. 

Colours: Spice

Band sizes: 10 – 16

Cup sizes: A – DD 


8. Calvin Klein Seductive ComfortCalvin Klein push up bra

Best Supportive Push Up Bra

Another great standout from Calvin Klein’s Seductive Comfort range, this Seductive Comfort Lift Demi Bra boasts flattering demi cups that are subtly padded with intelligent memory foam. This innovative memory foam padding ensures that your Seductive Comfort provides a natural tailored lift with every wear. 

Calvin Klein also uses soft microfiber materials and a soft and unobtrusive underwire across their range of wired Seductive Comfort bras to make sure that these push ups can be worn comfortably all day long. The scalloped edge demi cups also make this push up bra perfect for wearing under cami tops for a chic casual look, or under your date night outfit to feel extra cute and confident in an effortlessly elegant way.

Available in two neutral colours, you should consider buying your own Calvin Klein Seductive Comfort Bra as an investment in your basics collection.

Colours: Dune, Black

Band sizes: 10 – 14

Cup sizes: A – DD 


9. Secret Weapon Nudi Boobies Invisible BraNudi Boobies Strapless Push Up Bra

Best Backless Push Up Bra

Believe it or not, but our favourite backless push up bra is none other than the Nudi Boobies Invisible Bra, a superbly designed stick-on bra made by the folks at Secret Weapon. With its fully silicone construction and easy-to-use front clasp, this strapless and backless bra is designed to hold your breasts firmly in place under a wide range of outfits, making this a must-have accessory for wedding season. But the front clasp of the Nudi Boobies actually work by bringing your breasts together, which allows this invisible bra to provide an extra lift or push up effect.

And for even more added value, the Nudi Boobies can be worn and worn again, making this bra a far more reasonable (and eco-friendly) investment in comparison to cheap, reusable boob tape that’s a pain to remove if it works, and may even lose adhesive midway through a wear if it doesn’t work. Wouldn’t you rather rely on an adhesive that can actually regenerate itself like the one boasted by these Nudi Boobies? 

Colours: Nude

Sizes: A, B, C, D, E


10. Fine Lines Refined 5 Way Liquid Convertible

Finelines Push up bra

Best Overall Push Up Bra

So what’s our best overall push up bra on this list? It has to be the Fine Lines Refined 5 Way Convertible Push Up Bra. With a wide range of band and cup sizes and two neutral colours to boot, this convertible bra does offer flexibility of fit in more than just a few ways – do we need to talk about its five different strap configurations again?

Simply put, if you’re looking for a push up bra that can accommodate anything from an A to a DD cup size comfortably and provide a lift that actually looks and feels natural across a range of different outfits and fashion styles, then you’re sure to find plenty to love about the Fine Lines Refined 5 Way Liquid Convertible Bra. 


Final Thoughts On The Best Push Up Bras In Australia

Do any of the push up bras we’ve outlined today pique your fancy? Or do you have any additional questions about our suggestions for the best push up bras in 2024? Then why not visit us in-store today or send us an enquiry via our website? You can also drop us a line by phoning (03) 9326 1543.

If you live locally or nearby to Moonee Ponds however, then we highly recommend you pop in-store to enjoy a personalised bra fitting experience here with our expert team at Illusions Lingerie. Whether you’re looking for a push up bra or a minimiser bra, our team of inviting and inclusive bra fitters take pride in being able to find the perfect fit for bra wearers of all shapes and sizes.

If you enjoyed this guide on the top 10 best push up bras in 2024, you may enjoy our other best of guides including:

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