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Article: Top 10 Best Maternity Bras In Australia For 2024

Top 10 Best Maternity Bras in Australia

Top 10 Best Maternity Bras In Australia For 2024

From fluctuating hormones to expanding rib cages, there are myriad reasons why your breasts change in shape and size during pregnancy. So if your bra straps do start feeling a little more pinchy and uncomfortable in just your first 4-6 weeks, take comfort in the fact that it’s totally normal. And take extra comfort in the fact that maternity bras are here to save the day – and not just every single day of your pregnancy, but also your first few years postpartum too.

Maternity bras are a little different in design when compared to your regular everyday bras. For starters, maternity bras typically feature wider straps, drop down cups for breastfeeding, and softer materials like cotton. The best maternity bras typically also come fitted with extra hook and eye closures on their band and greater strap adjustability. This is to cater to your bust as it changes in shape and volume over the course of your pregnancy and your first few years of parenthood. After all, most of us can expect to invest in a few different pairs of maternity bras in different sizes as our belly and bust expand during pregnancy.

Top 10 Best Maternity Bras For 2024

If you are in the market for some great maternity bras that can support you and your breasts during your journeys with fertility and starting your family, then this is the read for you. Stick with us as our resident bra specialists here at Illusions Lingerie share their top recommendations for the best maternity bras in Australia.

The best maternity bras for 2024 are:

  1. Hot Milk Show Off/Show Off Light Maternity Bra - Best Big Bust Maternity Bra
  2. Hot Milk Warrior Nursing Bra - Best Small Bust Maternity Bra
  3. Elomi Molly Nursing Bra - Best Nursing Bra
  4. Triumph Gorgeous Mama Lace Maternity Bra - Most Affordable Bra
  5. Hot Milk Obsession Nursing Bra - Best Supportive Bra
  6. Hot Milk My Necessity (Full Cup) - Best Bra For Sleeping
  7. Hot Milk Luna Eclipse Nursing Bra - Most Comfortable Bra
  8. Hot Milk Forever Yours Maternity Bra - Most Popular Bra
  9. Panache Katherine Nursing Bra - Best Maternity Sports Bra
  10. Hot Milk Show Off/Show Off Light Maternity Bra - Best Overall Maternity Bra

1. Hot Milk Show Off/Show Off Light Maternity Bra

Woman wearing a maternity bra

Best Maternity Bras For Big Busts

To kick start this list, let’s showcase our best maternity bra for big busts: the Hot Milk Show Off Maternity Bra. A wire-free bra with soft cups, wide cotton straps, and a supportive but still soft and cosy underbust band, the Show Off Maternity Bra provides a generous full cup fit that you can really grow into. But despite being called the ‘Show Off’, this maternity bra’s A-frame and smooth profile ensures that this little number will never look bulky under your blouse.

The Show Off Maternity Bra is also available in a wide range of colourways, with both a dark and Show Off Light Maternity Bra variant. The Show Off Maternity Bra’s geometric lace trim linings and bow details will also have you feeling cute round the clock, whether you’re preparing for a check-up appointment during your pregnancy or nursing your baby on a lovely family day out.

Colours: Ivory, Luxe, Jet Black, Temptress Black & Red Print, Navy

Band sizes: 10 – 20

Cup sizes: D – H

2. Hot Milk Warrior Nursing Bra

Women with small busts wearing a maternity bra

Best Maternity Bra For Small Busts

Another gorgeous and rightfully popular maternity bra from the folks at Hot Milk, the Warrior Nursing Bra is truly a sight to behold. Its graphic lace cup design and stylish rose gold magnetic nursing clips make this one of the most luxe-looking nursing bras we have on offer here at Illusions Lingerie. 

And despite being our pick for the best maternity bra for smaller busts, the Warrior Nursing Bra has also been designed to grow with you, like all great nursing bras. The Warrior’s dual cup sizing makes it easier for new mothers and mothers-to-be to find a nursing bra that fits them to a tee – though we do recommend sizing up if your milk ducts haven’t started producing! If you need any assistance with bra sizing, you can always call on our expert bra fitting specialists at Illusions as well!

Colours: Ivory, Blush

Band sizes: 10 – 16

Cup sizes: B/C – GG/H

3.  Elomi Molly Nursing Bra

Women wearing nursing bras

Best Nursing Bra

Of course, there’s more to great nursing bras than just drop-down cup designs and clasps that can be operated with one hand. The best nursing bras are those that also provide additional support while you’re nursing and even moisture-wicking capabilities to help keep you comfortable when your milk comes in. 

Thankfully, the Elomi Molly Nursing Bra has thought of all these details and much more, providing a whole host of practical features in its design. With a cup fabric that’s been finished with FERAN® ICE, the Elomi Molly provides exceptional moisture control capabilities, ensuring that you stay not only dry but also cool when you’re running around as a busy mum. The Elomi Molly Nursing Bra also comes fitted with a full circle internal foam sling that’s designed to provide additional support while nursing. 

The fit of this bra is also something well worth showcasing. With powerful stretch lace, three section cups and a side frame for providing a flattering forward profile with every wear, this nursing bra will be sure to hug you in all the right places whilst still letting you breath and supporting your breasts throughout all of its volume changes.

Colours: Blush, Cameo Rose

Band sizes: 10 – 22

Cup sizes: H – HH

4. Triumph Gorgeous Mama Lace Maternity Bra

Woman wearing affordable maternity bra

Most Affordable Maternity Bra

There’s just something about lace bras that make us all feel a little bit more cute but still confident and uber feminine. So if you’re looking for a great starter maternity bra to help you transition into your pregnancy and your journey towards parenthood, look no further than the Gorgeous Mama Lace Maternity Bra designed by Triumph.

Offering all the comforts and functionality of a premium maternity bra at a fraction of the cost, the Gorgeous Mama Lace Maternity Bra boasts a wire-free design with a padded underbust for additional support that doesn’t sacrifice on comfort. Both the floral lace trims and microfibre feel of this wire-free maternity bra will have you feeling effortlessly cosy and confident. And with nude and black colour variants to choose from, you can invest in a Gorgeous Mama Lace Maternity Bra for any occasion, be it a weekend morning in, or even on your babymoon or for mum and dad date nights after your little bundle arrives!

Colours: Nude, Black

Band sizes: 10 – 16

Cup sizes: B – E

5. Hot Milk Obsession Nursing Bra

Woman wearing a supportive maternity bra

Best Supportive Maternity Bra

A superb t-shirt-style flexiwire maternity bra, the Hot Milk Obsession Nursing Bra is well and truly a must-have for any bigger busted mamas who are nursing regularly. With its supportive, contoured cups (engineered with spacer foam), wider strapping, and a total of 6 hook and eye extenders, this nursing bra has been expressly designed to provide a fully flexible fit. The Obsession’s flexible underwire also provides further flexibility and comfort to boot. The flex wiring basically moves with your body, reducing any overall pressure on your breast tissue during fluctuations in breast volume whilst still providing you with plenty of structured support.

All of this intelligent technology and innovative design is also paired with the Hot Milk Obsession’s gorgeous lace panelling and flattering microfibre fit, making this not only one of the most supportive nursing bras, but one of the most stylish and comfortable maternity bras as well.

Colours: Nude, Black

Band sizes: 10 – 20

Cup sizes: E – J

6. Hot Milk My Necessity (Full Cup) 

Woman wearing a comfortable sleeping maternity bra

Best Maternity Bra For Sleeping

Of course, no matter how flexible an underwire may be, some of us still don’t really want to sleep with a wire on our chests and that’s okay! In fact, that’s part of the reason why Hot Milk designed their My Necessity (Full Cup) Maternity Bra

Offering all the support of a wired bra without any of the rigidity, the My Necessity Maternity Bra boasts removable foam cups and side sling support for comfortable and supported sleeping, nursing, and even some light exercise. So the next time you take your baby on an outing or perhaps even on a little weekend getaway, be sure to have one of these holiday-worthy maternity bras in your luggage or supporting your tatas as you travel!

Colours: Black, Frappe

Sizes: Small – XX Large

7. Hot Milk Luna Eclipse Nursing Bra

Woman wearing a comfortable maternity bra

Most Comfortable Maternity Bra

Looking for a full cup maternity bra that provides comfort without making you feel frumpy? If the Show Off doesn’t do it for you (or you just want a few more options), then you may just fall in love with another Hot Milk design. The Hot Milk Luna Eclipse Nursing Bra offers a full cup design that’s complemented by graphic mesh upper cupping that creates the illusion of a lower neckline. The 4-piece microfibre cups also provide a naturally rounded lift that doesn’t skimp on comfort. 

The only downside of this nursing bra is really just the fact that it’s not available in more colours! But the almond neutral tone that it does come in is so light and flattering that you can feel totally comfortable wearing this wirefree maternity bra under a wide range of blouses and tops, including formal work attire. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense nursing bra that you can wear all day without a fuss, then adding a Luna Eclipse to your rotation surely won’t disappoint.

Colours: Almond

Band sizes: 10 – 16

Cup sizes: F – H


8. Hot Milk Forever Yours Maternity Bra

Woman wearing popular maternity bra

Most Popular Maternity Bra

Another great flexiwire maternity bra, the Hot Milk Forever Yours Maternity Bra is renowned for its streamlined design and flexibility in fit. With its lighter straps that allow for either a standard or convertible racerback fit, the Forever Yours Maternity Bra is really designed to look like your everyday bras whilst still providing great functionality for new mums. One-handed nursing clips and an innovative side sling make this nursing bra just as easy to use as other heavy duty maternity bras.

But the flexibility and adaptability of the Forever Yours Maternity Bra doesn’t just stop at its adjustable strapping. In fact, you’ll find that larger cup sizes across the Forever Yours range boast wider straps. This was a conscious design choice made by the folks at Hot Milk to ensure that this maternity bra supports bodies and busts of all sizes. And with cup sizes that run from C all the way through to F, you will likely be able to find a Forever Yours Maternity Bra that fits you to a tee, even with natural hormonal fluctuations.

Colours: Black, Nude

Band sizes: 10 – 16

Cup sizes: C – F

9. Panache Katherine Nursing Bra

Woman wearing Maternity Sports Bra

Best Maternity Sports Bra

Walking regularly and doing basic exercises like stretching can be beneficial both during pregnancy as well as in the lead-up to going into labour. That’s why so many of us attend mummy yoga classes alongside our Lamaze and antenatal classes. But whether you’re expecting to move a little or a lot, it’s still vital to ensure that your bust is supported. In other words, investing in a maternity sports bra is just as important as investing in practical nursing bras. 

Thankfully, the Panache Katherine Nursing Bra provides you with the best of both worlds, making it a must-have accessory for any new mums that still want to stay active as their children are breastfeeding. With its non-padded, moulded cupping, soft and supportive underbust band, and crop-top style design, the Panache Katherine Nursing Bra holds you in place almost effortlessly. The comfortable fit of this hybrid maternity and sports bra is also exceptionally adjustable, with six long hook and eye closures available on the band. Soft microfibre wings and stretch mesh also ensure that the Panache Katherine moves with you – and all without pinching and digging.

And like all great nursing bras, the Panache Katherine also boasts drop-down cups with a soft inner sling for additional support while breastfeeding. The superior support and range of movement that the Panache Katherine provides paired with its nursing-friendly design, makes this maternity sports bra a true essential for all mothers-to-be.

Colours: Vintage, Black

Band sizes: 10 – 18

Cup sizes: D – H

10. Hot Milk Show Off/Show Off Light Maternity Bra

Woman smiling wearing a Hot Milk Show Off bra

Best Overall Maternity Bra

So what’s our best overall maternity bra? Well, it won’t surprise you to hear that Hot Milk Maternity Bras have to take the cake as our favourite brand. Their range of innovative maternity bras just provide so many different options for mums of all stripes. Whether you’re looking for something cute and lacey or a maternity or nursing bra with no frills, you’ll be able to find precisely what you’re looking for across the Hot Milk product range.

But all things said and done, the Hot Milk Show Off and Show Off Light Maternity Bras really do get the crown here, for being one of the most flattering but still functional maternity bra designs we’ve seen on the market. And with such a wide range of sizes and a handful of great colours available, all new mothers will be able to find a Show Off Maternity Bra that they’d genuinely want to show off.

Final Thoughts

Generally speaking, most pregnant women and new mothers tend to invest in at least three different maternity bras and three nursing bras. This helps ensure that they always have a maternity bra on-hand whenever they may need it. No matter which of our recommendations you add to your cart, you can be rest assured that your maternity bras will be a gamechanger when it comes to nursing your baby at home or even to planning your kids’ first outings. With a dependable maternity bra supporting you throughout the day, you can feel free to stay in the moment with your baby and really savour all the best things about this precious time as a new parent.

Did any of these popular maternity bras pique your interest? Then why not come visit us in-store to check out these maternity and nursing bras for yourself? Our team at Illusions Lingerie is always more than happy to answer questions you may have about any product across our range. We also provide tailored maternity bra fittings for mothers-to-be.

Come and visit us to make sure you’re equipped with all the chest support that you need both throughout your pregnancy and once your baby is born!

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